Monday, May 31, 2010

The car ride...

There are many reasons to dread a 3 hour car ride with your kids...

But even more reasons to love it..

What they say, for instance...

Leah: Guys, look out the window. Do you see how the flags are flying? What's different about them?
Jackson (Eeyore hum-drum tone of voice): They're not up hight, because somebody died.
Leah: Yes, that's right. Who died?
Carter: JESUS!

The boys were watching "The Empire Strikes Back." A conversation stroke up between Rodney, Jackson & Brady about just exactly how big the Millenium Falcon is (Hans Solo's spaceship, for lack of a more Star-Wars junkie explanation).

Rodney: It's probably about as tall as our house.
Brady (excited, 'cause he had THE right answer): It's *PROBABLY* about as tall as *TWO* of our houses!
Jackson (Eeyore hum-drum tone of voice, again): Brady, that's just not reasonable.

Carter's excitement over the "Fantastic 4" movie. Lots of "It's FING" and "He got 'em!"

Leah: Look boys! We're driving into our neighborhood!
Jackson: Yeah, we've probably only got ONE MILE left!
Brady: No, I think we've got TWO MILES left!
Jackson: Brady! You always have to double everything! (See post #2 above)
Leah: Oh yeah, Jackson? Well, do you think Brady knows what double 25 is?
Jackson (interjecting in a know-it-all-way): Easy! That's 50.
Leah: How about double 50?
Jackson (interjecting again): ONE HUNDRED!
Rodney: Brady - Do you know what 100 plus 100 is?
Brady: Eight thousand, Eight hundred and eighty five, thousand.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

An old video

And by old, I mean, it is from April, 2006. :)
Jackson, Brady & Carter sure enjoyed watching it. I hope you will too...

Jackson, age 2 1/2... Brady, age 11 months