Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not quite tomorrow

Tonight, Carter was my only child. He fell asleep laying next to me. His little almost-3-year-old hand gripped my neck. His larger-than-life eyelashes could have hit me on the nose. His 3T little boy body was dressed in a pair of blue Mickey Mouse jammies he got for Christmas. His golden locks smelled like Johnson's Bath Wash. He won't be able to recount this, as he was asleep, but just before I got up, I kissed him square on the lips, then the cheek that's losing more baby fat every day, and then right under his right ear. For the understatement of the year, I loved every second.

As I breathe up moments such as this, I can't help but realize that "today" is my (our) only "today." No matter how sweet "tomorrow" may reveal itself to be, it simply can not take the place of "today."

So, I decided to take a few picture of him, in all his toddler glory. Can you tell his turning three in about six weeks is turning into a hard pill to swallow?

Oh, almost forgot one of the best parts, it was on Harkers Island.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

There will SURELY come a day when my little family will not be so completely and utterly reliant on bright, colorful, plastic.

...Today is not that day.