Friday, July 25, 2008


how fun is this site!?!

hope you enjoy as much as i did!!!

here are a few little masterpieces. :)


and makeover:


and makeover:


and makeover:

...only wish there was one that put me:


oooh. or how about here:

oh well. once again, it's all my mama's fault.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

thursday nite. 8:37.

what else would i be doing besides my last minute sytycd predictions?! seriously.

i love how early on this season, i was so so so so thorough about the wednesday night performances. named the participants in each dance. the style. the choreographer. the song title. the vocalists' name(s). i should have just gone one step further and put the album name and copyright date. heck - how about my ssn, while i'm at it!? anyway, my point is. now i've gotten so lazy. so here it is. comfort and mark are going home. there.

brady boo got stung by a bee earlier tonight. bless his heart. the good news is he has a new haircut. my bathroom will hopefully be recovered before i go to bed tonight...i say we leave it for a few days. rodney says he loves it and sees no reason to hurry to "fix it." oh yeah, carter got buzzed too. :) check out the before and after. :)

brady before:

brady after:

carter before:

carter after:

ttfn. got little boysies to put to bed so i can ENJOY sytycd, baby!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

the wiggles

are coming to raleigh at the end of august.
i'm considering going.
and letting rodney stay home with the kids.
i mean, seriously. have you seen ANTHONY!?
just in case you've been living under a rock, on a planet where kids ages 0-5 do NOT reside, i'll show you. you can thank me later.

oh, and in case you were wondering. i am not one of the "desperate housewives" seen here. cross my wiggle-lovin' heart.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

zokes galore

#1. brady frequently comes up to me during the day and says (in his broken english... well, "funky" english, i should say)...
"hey mommy- - i'm going to tell you a zoke." actually it's probably more like "i'm doe-in' 'uh tell you a zoke."

*edited the next morning to add his favorite one. how could i forget:

"what did the cow do when he zumped over the moon?"
"...he pooted!"

you may recall this post? yes, he's still really into the potty words these days. LOL! oh, may it pass!!!

oh i almost forgot. last week i dvr'd "jurassic park." we watched it a little. dino-man-brady was loving it. then came the "too scary" parts. anyway. long story short, i deleted it. well, for a few days now he's been asking to watch "zuh-raffic park!" god bless. i decided i could part with $0.88 at walmart today in honor of his new-found love for ziraffes.

...when he gets that the "j" makes the "jjj" sound, it will be a sad day in my world...

#2. jackson's first week of school has gone great. as a matter of fact, we're $1.75 richer, because of it! his super-duper friend (whose name he just learned today), victor, seemed to think that giving his friend money is a super-duper way to show one's loyalty. LOL! jackson has even divulged that victor doesn't even know his name yet. calls jackson "friend." and as jackson puts it, victor says, "hey friend. come with me, friend."

here are a few "getting ready for school" shots from this week. notice his new transformers backpack. the boy is in love. in the third shot he felt like sticking out his hiney.

then brady did too.

carter looked on smiling.

with his feet doing this.

ok, one more kindergarten story. so there's been 5 days of school so far. 4 of those 5 days, jackson has told me that he's eaten an orange for lunch. what's funny to me is - in his (almost) 5 years, he has never once asked for an orange when we've been at the grocery store. what's more - oranges are not that easy to eat, as you all know. anyhoo - he's found that he loves them, and i can't wait to get one so he can show me just exactly how he gets into it when he's in the cafeteria without me...

#3. i went for a walk the other day. something smelled so rosy. delicious, even. i thought to myself - when i round this curve, i'm sure to find a flowering vine of some sort in the woods. a jasmine? not honeysuckle, i know that smell. well. you'll never guess what it was. you'll think i'm zoking. i won't be. 'tis true. ladies and gents - it was...not a flowering vine. LOL! it was however, a portajohn. see it? i should call and see where they get there "scent"sory goodness! surely there's a 1-800 number on that thing somewhere.

#4. didn't you all feel like this when you walked in the door from school? one dollar and seventy-five cents richer, that is?

#5. sytycd. dude. she's back. (*it's on right now, i realize. i haven't watched a second of it though. you'll have to trust me.)

so, my guess is... SHE is going home. again. and mark or gev for the dudes. i like them both though. hmpfff.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And there went out a decree...

...from Leah the Mama
...that all the world (of steelman boys) should ...


brady potty trained in early june. bless his heart. something in his sweet little head tells him it's "cool" to keep the light off and only leave a wee-little-crackage of daylight coming in to light the way. not only that - but in ADDITION to that, when he goes to sit to do his business, he nearly refuses to pull his shorts and underwear all the way off so as to create the most error-proof approach of getting the... waste... (especially pee) into the pot, as mommy would have him do. so. you guessed it. it misses. and sprays forward. toward the wall. and the seat. and the floor. oh dear.

honestly, though. it IS getting better. he's heard me lay the ground rules for alone-pottying a good 429 times now, and somehow, it is sinking in. bless his heart.

ok. topic two. sytycd eliminations.

somebody. please.

SEND THE hippidy-hopper-chicka HOME already!
and thayne. it's your time, dude.
i've said my peace.
over and out.

Friday, July 4, 2008

They were...

and aside from that, they were not so "into" posing. seems as though mr. b-man was a little upset. never underestimate the value of a plastic dinosaur the size of your thumb. m-kay?

some outtakes, shall we?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

sytycd bottom couples

short and sweet...
these couples are in trouble.
(top: courtney & gev ... bottom: kourtney & matt)

their problem happens to have a name. many names, in fact. they are:
chelsie, mark, katee, joshua, kherington, & twitch

that leaves a handful that i feel luke warm about today. i think the judges were too madly in love with comfort last night, so i wouldn't be surprised if she swings it for at least one more week (much to my dismay)... will got some bad comments, so i think he could be in trouble too - but honestly, he is so darn good. like, amazing, if you ask me... then there's jessica and thayne... yeah, luke warm about them too...

can't wait for tonight!!!