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Episode 3 of "Lines from the Hymnal"

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Last night, while driving home from Young Women's, I was listening to one of my favorite cds Take Time to be Holy, which is a collection of instrumental hymns by Lyle Hadlock. I was reminded of how much love the song, "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today." Not only that, but I was also reminded of a story I heard years ago about this particular song. Now is when I copy/paste.

Hymns Facilitate the Bearing of Testimony

(Full text available by clicking here. By Merrill J. Bateman)

This story concerns a young girl, the fourth child in a family of six children. Her name is Heather. Three of the children, including Heather, suffered from a rare disease called glutaric acidemia. In each case, the onset of the disease occurred during the first year of life when an enzyme attacked the brain, causing paralysis. The disease results in acid forming in the muscles similar to that which occurs following a period of intense physical activity. The problem faced by the children was that the acid never leaves and causes great pain. Cindy, the first child with the disease, died at the age of 23. She was one of the oldest living persons known with the disease. At death she weighed about 40 pounds.

Soon after Heather’s birth, the parents realized that she would be physically handicapped and that her spirit would be housed in a body with great restrictions. As she grew, she was confined to a wheelchair, was unable to speak, and could send messages only with her eyes. A direct gaze and a smile meant yes. A blink meant no. Despite the handicaps, one could feel her vibrant spirit.

As Heather progressed, it became obvious to her parents that she was extraordinarily bright. She would play guessing games with the family using her limited means to communicate. When she was old enough, the parents enrolled Heather in a special school to see if she could learn to speak. The teacher was a gifted therapist. One morning as Heather and the teacher visited about the prior weekend, the teacher learned that Heather had attended Primary. The teacher then sang for Heather “When He Comes Again.”

The expression on Heather’s face revealed the delight within her. When the teacher asked Heather if she had a favorite song, the young girl’s wide eyes and engaging smile left little doubt. But what was the song? Through a series of questions, the teacher learned that Heather’s song was one she had heard in Primary. She wasn’t sure which songbook it was in, but it was about Jesus. The teacher sang all the songs she could think of, but to no avail. However, Heather was not about to quit; she wanted to share her favorite song. At the end of the day, the two were still searching. The teacher agreed to bring her songbooks to school the next day.

On the following morning, Heather and her teacher continued the quest. From the first hymn to the last, the little girl blinked her eyes, indicating no. They were still unsuccessful. Finally, the teacher told Heather that her mother would have to help her find the song and then they would sing it.

The next day Heather arrived with the green Church hymnal tucked in her chair, but there was no marker. So they began with the first hymn. The teacher would sing the first part of each song, and Heather would give her answer. After the first 100 hymns, there were 100 no’s. After 200 hymns there had been 200 no’s. Finally, the teacher began to sing, “There is sunshine in my soul today.” Heather’s body jumped, and a big smile crossed her face. Her eyes gazed directly into the teacher’s, indicating success after three days of searching. Both teacher and student rejoiced.

As the teacher sang the first verse and began the chorus, Heather mustered all her strength and joined in with a few sounds. After finishing the first verse and chorus, the teacher asked if she wanted to hear the rest of the verses, and Heather’s eyes opened wide with a firm yes. The teacher began to sing:

There is music in my soul today,
A carol to my King,
And Jesus listening can hear
The songs I cannot sing.

Heather’s reaction to these lines was so strong that the teacher stopped. As the reality and significance of the words pressed on the teacher’s mind, she asked: “Heather, is that what you like about the song? Is that what you want me to know? Does Jesus listen? Does He hear the songs you cannot sing?”

The direct, penetrating gaze indicated yes.

Feeling guided by the Spirit, the teacher asked, “Heather, does Jesus talk to you in your mind and in your heart?”

Again, the child’s look was penetrating.

The teacher then asked, “Heather, what does He say?”

The teacher’s heart pounded as she saw the clear look in Heather’s eyes as the little girl awaited the questions that would allow her to share her insights.

“Does Jesus say, ‘Heather, I love you’?”

Heather’s radiant eyes widened, and she smiled.

After a pause, the teacher asked next, “Does He say, ‘Heather, you’re special’?”

The answer again was yes.

Finally the teacher asked, “Does He say, ‘Heather, be patient; I have great things in store for you’?”

Heather summoned all her strength, and her head became erect and her eyes penetrated the teacher’s soul. She knew she was loved, she was special, and she needed only to be patient.

Two years later, Heather died because of the ravages of the disease. Her younger brother Mark also suffers from the disease but not to the extent of his older sisters. He can talk, although it is not easy. As the parents discussed Heather’s passing and the funeral that would take place, Mark exclaimed, “No go Heather’s funeral!” Heather was his best friend. As the parents tried to explain death to him, he would not be consoled. He was crushed and did not want to attend the service. For two days he could not be persuaded.

On the morning of the funeral, the father went to Mark’s room to get him up. As he entered the room, Mark was sitting up in bed with a big smile on his face. His first words were, “Dad, go Heather’s funeral!”

The father responded, “Mark, what has changed your mind?”

“Dad, had dream.”

“What did you dream about, Mark?”

“Dad, dreamed about Heather.”

“Mark, what was Heather doing?”

“Oh, Dad, Heather running and jumping and singing, ‘There is sunshine in my soul today.’ Dad, go Heather’s funeral.”

May we rejoice in the power of sacred hymns to lift our souls and to bear testimony. Truly “the song of the righteous is a prayer unto [God], and it shall be answered with a blessing upon [our] heads” (D&C 25:12).

Complete Text: "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today"
(verse 1) There is sunshine in my soul today,
     More glorious and bright
            Than glows in any earthly sky,
                   For Jesus is my light.
(chorus) O there's sunshine, blessed sunshine,
    While the peaceful, happy moments roll;
           When Jesus shows His smiling face
                   There is sunshine in my soul.

(verse 2) There is music in my soul today,
     A carol to my King;
            And Jesus, listening, can hear
                   The song I cannot sing.

(verse 3) There is springtime in my soul today,
      For when the Lord is near
             The dove of peace sings in my heart,
                    The flowers of grace appear.

(verse 4) There is gladness in my soul today,
      And hope, and praise, and love,
             For blessings which He gives me now,
                    For joys laid up above. 


Here are a few links to see/hear more of this gem of a hymn. 

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My favorite version of all though, is the $0.99 audio file found here... You may also want to check out track 2 - Beautiful compilation of "Come Ye Disconsolate" and "Sheep May Safely Graze" : 


Emily said...

You are mama's "sunshine" girl!

Minta Hale said...

Thank you Leah, for sharing. I needed the perspective this story illustrates today.

Susan Hancock said...

Oh my heart- Mama can't take much more, and it's only 7:00 am! Thank you sweet Leah, for keeping things in perspective for us. Are we not so blessed? I don't know if I will be able to stand "Joys laid up above" if it is any better than now. Love you way deep!!