Saturday, July 24, 2010

Very Chocolate Cherry Optimism

Sir Optimist

Before I go on with this post - let me take a second to acknowledge and thank my mom and dad for producing this lovely little girl in the blue sweater over to the left. 
 The reason I say this is, because of them, Rodney & I have been lucky enough to produce *this* undeniably gorgeous little mini-me.  Scary, even!!! bahahah!
Yesterday, while Jackson and Brady were off increasing in knowledge in late July, (thank you year round schools!) Carter and I enjoyed a most delicious mid-morning snack - ice cream cones! If it weren't for some friends bringing this flavor to my house and leaving it, I would never have thought to try it, but I'm glad they did. My waistline now has a new nemesis; It is called Very Chocolate Cherry Overload. mmmmmm. *looky here, only if you are up for the temptation*  Weird how overnight I go from not liking cherries to freely indulging in them even when I'm not hungry.

But, rather than continue a random rave review on a newly-discovered flavor of ice cream, I come to tell a tale of a little sweetums. His name is Carter "Optimist" Steelman.

Sir Optimist likes this flavor too - can't you tell by the beaming smile?! He began by sitting at his seat, holding his freshly prepared cone, waiting patiently for me to also fix one for myself (*winkage goes here*). Then when I sat down next to him with mine, Sir Optimist exclaimed joyfully, "I'm beating you, I'm beating you!" And indeed he was. I congratulated him on being such a super-duper-ice cream-eating-machine! More smiles followed. So did more licking and munching on both of our parts. 

When I was nearly done with mine, only about 1 inch of cone left, (while almost all of his remained) his song's message changed, but not the excitement with which it was delivered. This time, Sir Optimist observed another truth of the matter. This time, he managed to remain the winner, even when he was clearly NOT beating me. The reasoning skills of a 16 year old girl, that child! This time, he cheered proudly, "Mine's bigger than yours!! Mine's bigger than yours!!!"

I think I'll keep him.