Thursday, September 25, 2008

You have no idea what you are missing...

Five years today since Jackson rocked my world.
Here's the short and sweet of today...

Jackson woke up sad. Said he didn't like his present. What tha?! Didn't get pictures of that - had too much consoling to do to take pictures. Granny Carol is in town to be the dreamy extra set of hands and extra big heart to take care of little people and big people alike. The boys are really enjoying her chasing them around, and distributing a million tickles and kisses a day. :) Here's little man being a silly monkey this morning before school - notice the new fall shirt (Rock and Roll!) and cute jeans from Granny Carol!

And pointing to his favorite decorated letter on his birthday sign, courtesy of the mama and the daddy. :)

So, after school was let out early today (12:30), we waited for Rodney to get home (2:30), and off we went to return the terrible present and redeem a new one. See the newly acquired Jedi suit at the end of the post... It suits him well, you think? :) (*And how about Brady, the zoomin Bumblebee?! God bless his sweet heart.) Another sweet find at Target this evening was the FIRST pair of roller skates owned by a little Steelboy. I had been thinking (*strongly*) over the past few days how much I would love Jackson to have some, as I clearly remember being about his age, and spending hours each day on mine. Well, as luck would have it, Pa called this afternoon to say he was putting a little check in the mail to grant Jackson any birthday thing he would like, and Jackson agreed tonight that he just HAD to have a pair of skates. I can't wait to see these bad boys in action, accessorized with the best knee pads and elbow pads Target had to offer. Oh, did I mention there was only one pair in the entire store - and yes, they were his size! SCORE!

So we shopped at Target for a bit - And then were off for the dream birthday dinner of nearly every 5 year old in America - CHUCK-E-CHEESE BABY!!! We actually had the most decently behaved children possible. They were so entertained by the show of larger than life animal dudes on the stage, and the blaring tv with bright colors and songs that they hardly knew it took 10-15 minutes for our pizza to arrive after being seated. We chowed down, thoroughly enjoyed the food, then were bound for the promised land o' arcade games! Does it get any better?! As if the push pops weren't enough of a sugar treat in the car, on the way home, we decided to swing thru the trusty McDonald's drivethru a mile from home to get everyone caramel or hot fudge sundaes. I picked the hot fudge. With chopped peanuts. Jackson said to daddy in the back seat, as he was choosing the caramel flavor, "She has no idea what she is missing, does she?"

In case you guys don't get to spend much time with the eldest of my three cuties - I have one thing to say. You have no idea what you are missing. :)

Happy Birthday, my sweetie! Mommy loves you more than breath.

Brady transformed into the vehicle form of Bumblebee: For some reason, I can NOT get this picture to show up with the correct rotation. Dude!

And Carter just looking Cute!

And you wonder why I'm always smiling?!
G'night y'all!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Sorry about all the new posts tonight.
At least they're short and sweet. Or Tall, Dark and Handsome. Whatever.

I'm 72/100ths of my way to my 100th post now. Dude. I thought I was so much closer. Again. Whatever.

While I'm rambling - How ABOUT this WEATHER!?!?!?
Tomorrow = Yard Day = Happy Mommy = Happy Family!!!
Who knew?!

Notice Anything Different

First. My apologies to my better half who just so happens to be playing Dr. Mario in the living room at the moment. He doesn't know I'm up to something. LOL!

Second. I can not tell you how proud I am of him for making the changes he has lately to drop a WHOPPING 35 lbs! In only 4 months, I believe. Of course, he's always been a stud to me, but seriously. The before and after is quite something, is it not?! :)

Third. Way to go, hun. I knew you could do it. If you could only be a good daddy. Kidding. You're the best, I say! The best!



(***note - yes he does play and interact with the other too steelboys. just not in photos. LOL!)

I yearbooked myself, Y'all should too!

kkkkkkkk PSHHHHH

kkkkkkkkkk PSHHHHHHH - That's Darth Vader's breathing, of course!

So this old video of Jackson as a 2 year old had Rodney and me just about rolling last night. What's especially funny is not only his 2 year old voice and language - but his body language - Notice how he's totally into the the little magazine with Halloween costumes... THEN... The thought hits him!

"Watch - Dar Ader - Watch - on TV - DAR Ader- Watch - on - Dar Ader!"

One of the clearest memories in my mind of life directly following Brady's birth is how attached Jackson was to his blanket and his "bean bag chair," as mommy's lap was now taken up with a little nursling... So even though you guys can't see the chair - it's there. :)

Enjoy. :)

"the chair"

Monday, September 8, 2008

wistful me

I don't know where in the world it came from...
But today it hit a split second
I became more apprehensive than ever about...
My three little boys growing up.

Jackson is in kindergarten now. What a big boy. Trading Pokemon cards. The whole she-bang. Each day when he hops in the back seat of the van, I ask him, "How was your day?" And just as a big boy like he is supposed to do, he replies, "I don't know." He will, however, answer when I fish for who he's played with that day. "Connor and Drew." Every day. Tomorrow I go to volunteer for the first time. I can't wait to meet those two little boys. After all, they spend more time on school days with my Jackson than I do!

Brady is back in preschool. 3 afternoons a week. He's not sure yet if he likes it - but I know he has a great time - There's play doh there, isn't there? Today he got on his hands and knees in my bedroom floor. Started doing pushups (as he has seen his daddy do), and asked me if I'd do it too. Bless his heart. He has recently noticed that I love to start sentences with "When I was your age..." and "When you grow up, you'll..." So he spoke those same sentiments to me the other day with these words, "Mommy, when you growed down, did you _________?" I laughed at first. Then I thought - "Don't forget to blog this!"

Carter is not only walking and babbling and smiling more thoughtful smiles these days, but he's losing that baby look - skinnier face by the day - and is always ready and willing to partake of all things outside of our little "box", even where mommy is not. Adventure seeker, he is! He's a handful at church, I declare! Sacrament meeting - pure terror. Afterwards in the hall - just as bad! I better not blink, though. He'll be married next week as fast as he's growing!

I guess I just need to do a little walk down memory lane...

September '03

September '03

October '03

December '03

August '04

April '05

May '05

July '05

July '05

October '05

December '05

May '06

May '06

October '06

December '06

February '07

May '07

June '07

June '07

August '07

September '07

And back to today. One whole year since ^ then. Unbelievable.
I actually welled up in tears, I did.
Brady looked at my kinda puzzled. But never asked why. I'm glad he didn't.
I don't really know how to put into words to a 3 year old how mommy thinks I may have wished away the good ol' days.
I may not remember (as much as I wish I could) a good 95% of the day to day happenings of my little family... Not that I'm THAT senile yet, but just that our ability to remember all the little details that make up each and every day is far from perfect. I'd even venture to say I remember less than 1%. That's worth crying about in and of itself, I declare!

Can I declare just one more thing?
I'm a lucky girl.
That, I am.