Friday, January 16, 2009

"somewhere in my memory"

if i let myself, i could get depressed that christmas is over.

the things i miss can be summed up like this
~the thrill of the season
~the music

the presents and decorations, and even the food are just fluff - kwim?

every morning when jackson wakes up, he turns on the living room tv, and selects something from dvr to watch for a little while while i get some more zzzz's (this morning it was 6:40)... so today, he chose "home alone" and when i did finally get up - i walked out into the living room - and "somewhere in my memory" (the theme song) was on... and i just about welled up with tears!

tell me i'm not the only one! ;)


joellamorris said...

That John Williams sure does know how to write a song that becomes more than just a song. That could make Scrooge miss Christmas!

Susan Hancock said...

I'm there with ya...

Too much. Memories washing over me thinking about little girls in pretty nightgowns trying on roller skates at 5:00 am.

leah said...

how true - to both of you.
i just started reading "the five people you meet in heaven" and as he's being brought back in time to his childhood, the thought that keeps passing through my head is - now THAT would be heaven. :)

Erin said...

I, too, miss most of Christmas. It is a magical time of year!

Are you reading the book for our book club??