Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Jackson wanted me to share a masterpiece he created today! He did it first on the whiteboard at school, and came home to eagerly recreate it with a pencil and stark white piece of paper.

Let me 'splain. No, let me sum up. According to Jackson...

*pointing to the eyes - "they're different because he's like, crazy..."
*pointing to his forehead - "those are little dots where hair got cut off!"
*pointing to the ears - "the right one has a beetle coming out of it... those are ear rings... the left one has a centipede, and nails."
*pointing to his chin - "a beard."
*pointing to his nose - "it has nose hairs coming out of it."
*pointing to his mouth - "he has buck teeth, and a mole."
*pointing to his cheek - "that's a piece of fabric - to patch the hole."

WOW, right?!

Jackson... Man, he's a cool cat.


Lindsay said...

That Jackson is very creative as well! The picture kind of reminded me of Ned's Head a little. :) Very cool.

Christy said...

I heart this last picture. It's beautiful!