Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

There will SURELY come a day when my little family will not be so completely and utterly reliant on bright, colorful, plastic.

...Today is not that day.


Lindsay said...

And until that day comes, we will gladly use your brightly colored blue cups, filled with Crystal Light of course. :)

regina said...

too funny!!! i ask myself that question daily. i see us still using that stuff until my kids leave the house... it's about every day that something is breaking, dropping, or being knocked over cups/dishes or just whatever. constantly a mess.

Anonymous said...

From Becky Black:

Oh the rainbow is shining in my home too. I am hoping at the
"end of the rainbow" there is a pot of gold.....
Best thing about rainbow plastic things- is you can always find more at Target in the $1 section :) :)