Thursday, January 25, 2007

January video...Around the house

Our January so far... :)


Me and My Monkeys said...

Hey, Miss Leah! It's about time you started blogging on your little boys. It's Jenny from BM here. Just saw that darling video. Your accent is so cute!

Lindsay said...

The finished video looks great! You have two very handsome boys! I especially love the picture of Brady giving the camera a little message--what have you and Rodney been teaching him!! I am excited to see the video of Jackson playing the Wii, so don't be such a slacker with the next post haha!!
I'll talk to you soon.

Katharine said...

Hi Leah, that is adorable footage, your kids are adorable and you all look ike you are having so much fun as a family


Katie (nateysmummy - BM)

The Robinson Family said...

I love your videos so much that I tried to make one too. Well I did but it doesn't show up like yours on my blog spot. Can you tell what I did wrong? I cannot figure it out?