Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Drumroll please...

it was a lovely appointment. all the measurements were great, and i seem to have another big bun in the oven (measuring 1 week ahead).

jackson came with us. :) brady was napping, and rodney's aunt came over to watch him... jackson was an angel. i laid there with the ultrasound tech going to town, and he sat in rodney's lap, very interested, and i'd chat with him like "look jackson - the baby has a brain! do you have one?" ... well, she finally got to the good part... she got the cursor to leave the little arrow, while she quickly touched the "it's a boy" button. :) she said "there you go!" and i said, "it's a BOY?!" and she confirmed that my eyes were not deceiving me. i looked over at rodney to see if he had gotten the word, and he looked suprised and very very happy! we told jackson, "it's a boy!" and he said, "I WAS RIGHT!!!!!"he was pretty excited too!

in all honesty, to find out it's a boy was REALLY exciting, and add to it, a bit of relief. not because i didn't want a girl, but because i'm so ready... i know that this baby is a blessing from God and that i'll have the EXACT family that He wants me to have, and IN that fact, i find a great deal of satisfaction and contentment. happy monday to me!

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NCSOXMAN said...

I think he alreay looks like his maternal grandfather. Joel Hancock Sr.