Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TTA - What makes you laugh

~ Brady's skinny naked body
~ Watching Jackson play on an official soccer team
~ Thinking about Jackson playing another soccer game (Y'all shoulda seen it!)
~ Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell)
~ Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)
~ Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell)
~ Watching Mike run around like Will (not Ferrell, Dart!)
~ Watching Carter wave "bye bye" and shake his head "no."
~ Rembering how to do that 2-person trick of the legs that don't belong to you from girls camp... circa 1992
~ Remembering how obsessed Tiffany & I were over "Pink Amigo Boy" ... circa 1997
~ The memory of how sick I was honeymooning
~ Being touched, with intent to tickle - but laughter is not so much the response - it is actually more closely related to ANGER!
~ NOT Practical Jokes (I've never liked April Fool's Day)
~ Realizing how forgetful I am
~ Gosh, Why am I not able to remember more?! (I wonder!)
~ This picture: (About 24 hours before Carter would arrive!) ]
~ And this one: (Jackson and I both have done some changing!)
~ Ok, and a Brady one too: *OUCH*


Wendi said...

Good times. Good laughs.
I am impressed that you find it funny to take photos of your pregnant belly.
My belly was not funny. Thank goodness I have no photos of it: then or now!

Strommer Family said...

I've never done the "take pictures of your belly" either...I don't really know why?? You sure do puff out there don't you...but yet you go right back to normal and look great!! Love the update!!

Leah said...

LOL, Wendi - It's not the "taking the pictures" - it's LOOKING at them!!!

Why in the world haven't you two taken prego shots!? Besides the good laugh, you can also use it for when the kids are older and you need a little reason for sympathy! HA!

Kyle and Aly said...

Le- I LOVE the pregnant pics! "Your poor belly," is all I've gotta say about that! I hate practical jokes, too! Anything that makes the adrenaline level rise, not for me!

Kinleigh said...

glad that i found your blog! your boys are getting so big and so handsome.
wow, that is quite the belly. i kept a nice record of kinleigh but haven't done too hot on this baby. you've inspired me to take on today.