Monday, November 3, 2008

Dude. It's November 3rd!

Another Rambling Post.
I have an excuse.
I should be doing something else. Important.
Like planning a Relief Society Lesson for tomorrow night's Enrichment Activity! LOL!

So we're going to have a new President in appx. 24 hours. That's cool.

So I just laid next to Rodney for a couple minutes before he drifted off, my hair still damp from the recent shower, and he says to me, "You're humid."

So I had a busy weekend. Photographed 3 families and a birthday/Halloween Par-tay! Fun times! Will hopefully have some new ones posted in my galleries in the next several days. Maybe two weeks. I'll do my best.

So the number in my Google Reader is as high as it's ever been before. This is not a good thing, to those of you not sure how to take that. My reader tells me what blogs have been updated since I last checked in. It is presently reading "53." That's a lot.

So I burned my finger today taking re-heated lima beans and corn out of the microwave for lunch. They were pretty hot, but the liquid surrounding them that I dipped my finger into was even hotter. It throbbed. I ran it under ice-cold water. Dressed it in "Neosporin with pain relief" and a couple of Lightning McQueen band-aids. Tonight it is *almost* all better. Musta been the band-aids.

So I'm stumped. I think I'll direct my last few minutes of lovely procrastination toward my three little buggers.

So Jackson's Pokemon addiction is getting pretty bad. The poor little guy carries his notebook around with him - all the time - everywhere - except the toilet. Well, I take that back. It goes with him there too. And to think it all began with a flippin Kid's Meal toy from Burger King. On another note, let me just add what a sweet/smart/precious/perfect/and still a little greedy my little Jackson has become. Course, he's always been such, but right now - I am really loving having my big 5 year old home for track-out from Kindergarten. When Brady's at preschool in the afternoons, and while Carter is napping, we have our special time, we do. Discussing Pokemon cards and their various powers and point value, of course. There's a fish in that little pink bed pan, by the way. :)

So Brady's hair growing out helps reveal his studly curls. He's going to be a heartbreaker, that Brady Boo. That is, of course, when he's not chasing butterflies. And crickets. And frogs. And praying mantises. And another 15 or so unnamed creatures. I don't mind saying no. Really I don't. But tonight - at about 8:00, when it was pitch black outside, he approaches me and asks if he can go outside and find a frog to show me. I just had to laugh. And he just had to cry. Life as a 3 1/2 year old is harder than you sometimes think, you know. (*Sorry about the curls not being so evident in this picture... But let me just tell you, right after a bath - Mercy.)

So Carter and his unwillingness to say much more than "dadda" and "dadda" is just fine. His smile makes up for it. Truly. Doesn't he just look so sweet and inquistive here? :) P.S. to the man upstairs. Just go ahead and let those teeth come in already. Please? :) (He literally has not had a single tooth break through in 8 months. And for the duration of those EIGHT months, he's been doing what? Yup. You guessed it. TEETHING!!!!)

One final picture from this evening. Me thinks me will keep 'em.

Coming up next post - a recap of our little mini vacay at Harkers Island last week and Halloween!!! Now I've said it - I will stick to it. But I can't promise there won't be procrastination involved.

Go Obama.


Soxy Pirate said...

I could squeeze every one of them!

Lauren said...

Miss you and yours and YES GO OBAMA! I wish I was a mama so I could call myself an Obama Mama...just think it's cute! Wait..I AM a mother to our dear Skully! haha

~Kari AND Blair~ said...

I just LOVE your posts!! They make me smile! :)

Strommer Family said...

It's about time, Girly Girl....I've been missing updayes to the Leah Steelman Chronicles!! Good to see you're happy!! :)

Erin Marriott said...

I just get such a kick out of your posts, and your writing, it's like I can hear your voice! And it made me laugh when Rodney told you that you were 'humid'!! Hahaha! Crack up! p.s. You did an AMAZING job the other night!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! You're the best, Leah! We have a thank you note coming your way soon!

Emily said...

Love the pictures! You sure do have a handsome set of boys. Lucky girl.

How did all my NC relatives become democrats? I thought I was only related to republicans.

I love the story about Brady being sad about not being able to go outside to show you a frog. What a sweet little guy. We have a theory in this house that animals lovers are the best kind of people.

And I hope those teeth come in soon! Poor little handsome guy.

Okay, I've said enough.

Kyle and Aly said...

Le, You're so cute.

Emily, We are all Democrats (most of us) because our Grandmother and Grandfather and their parents were all Democrats. We are multi-generational! I guess it's bread into us and most of us have decided to stay that way. Granddaddy grew up in a world where FDR was considered slightly less than a god to those who had lived through the depression and he raised his family with those same ideals.

Soxy Pirate said...

How did we "become" democrats?


Lauren said...

Hey Leah,
Sorry I missed the Raleigh trip with Joel. I wanted to go so badly but someone had to take care of Skully boy. Next time we get a chance to go to Raleigh we are going to make sure he is up to date on his shots and take him to a kennel. It's a nice one we've already researched on the's pretty cheap as well. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how envious I was that he got to go see you guys(gal).