Thursday, December 11, 2008

i've almost forgotten

how to log into my blogspot.

'tis the season to be busy. and sick. and busy.

i'm pleased to report that business is going well... i have had 10 photo sessions over the last 6 weeks or so, and a steady set of 4 piano students each week, whom i just adore, so i will absolutely not complain.

jackson is doing so well at school. he never complains about going (at least 98% of the time), and has a few really good friends - who also love pokemon. good times. he's currently sporting a sweet haircut from the harkers island barber extraordaire, mr. paul wade, and could not be more of a stud muffin. i think he's grown about an inch this week. i feel like he has, anyway. ;)

brady got a haircut today, from mommy. he was a little less than well behaved, and kept saying "i don't like that this is taking so long!" as i gently replied, "but if you'll sit still and stop wiggling, i'll be done in one minute..." that didn't stop the wiggling, as you can imagine. even though he didn't earn a grab from the candy bowl atop the refrigerator (as we always do after a haircut with mommy with good behavior), he's still a big bowl of sugar, himself. after the lights go out, we can generally find brady nestled up in his bed surrounded by no less than 10-15 stuffed animals. some bigger than he is. each night when i do my 11:00ish check, before hitting the pillow myself, i uncover him from the rubble, situate him back on his "real" pillow at the head of the bed, and help the other members of the slumber party find a better resting spot at the foot of the bed, where no one is threatened by loss of oxygen, or even worse, waking up with a crink in the neck!

carter just got a haircut today too. cut most of those sweet little curls right off, but i know they'll grow back. they always do. on his head, at least. have i mentioned how entertained he is by the backyardigans, as of late!? seriously - the boy would watch 15 episodes a day, if i'd let him. mingled with one or two episodes of the wiggles and sesame street (for the love of sir elmo, mind you). i declare, i'd love to be the marketing genius (or at least be in his/her mind for a few moments) who comes up with such characters. aside from his love for all things tv, he's become a big fan of dum-dums lately. i think it started on the way out of our last doctor's appointment. i guess there are worse things than rotten baby teeth! LOL!

well, cyber friends and real life friends and family - i just wanted to post a quick little update to remove the guilt that i've been burdened with for the last couple weeks. HAHA! i have a feeling i'll be back sooner than later with something else not too important to share - but hopefully still worth jotting down for posterity! that's the goal. :)



Emily Lauren said...

I'm so glad you are back. I've missed updates from your beautiful family. I am so happy that your business (s) are picking up so well. You are an awesome picture taker. Like that? Ha! :)
Luv my friend!!!

lov said...

i'm so excited you are back! i've personally missed you, but understand that you are busy!!
(but you need to stop doing that!)


Susan Hancock said...

God bless those sweet boys that you are writing about!! I love them all.

I can't wait to have you all home next week. Oh what fun it will be.

Love you sweet tender-eyed Leah.

Kristal said...

So glad to hear you and those sweet boys are doing well this holiday season!! Ashlyn's great love is the Backyardigans as well. Thank you DVR :)