Saturday, February 7, 2009

R is for Random

My friend Wendi exclaimed "Gimme a C!" earlier this week. I'm joining in on the fun, and after being sent a letter, I now vow to dress up the letter "R" like nobody's business. Not only is the letter "R" going to dominate (I'll try) each point made below, but there will be twenty-five of them (because I'm a multitask-R like that, and I need to answer my facebook tags).

1 ~ Rodney is Running in the kRispy kReme challenge this moRning. Read moRe heRe

2 ~ Racing is soooo not a favoRite past time of mine - but i do Recon i'd Ruv to be theRe to Ritness this Race.

3 ~ R is a haRdeR letteR to staRt worRds with than i thought!

4 ~ Remember when you could sleep in till afteR seven-thiRty!? Even with carteR fast asleep down the hall, here i sit on a satuRday moRning at the computeR and i've been heRe foR a Rile.

5 ~ Rolesville to Wilson - that's the Route i followed on wednesday - to pass jackson and bRady to gRanny caRol, who would then take them with heR back to gReenville for a few days.

6 ~ Raleigh to gReenville - that the Route my maw and paw will follow lateR today to pick up the boys to bRing them down to haRkeRs island where caRteR and i have been since yesteRday at 1:00.

7 ~ Rodney is obviously still in Raleigh (in case you missed number 1).

8 ~ Really good bRats and fRies, mandaRin oRanges, pastaR salad and gRapes - that's what aly seRved us for suppeR last night in her fabuRlous new abode.

9 ~ now is a gRRRReat time to go even moRe Random

10~ because my bRain is failing me miseRably be continued ...


Susan Hancock said...

I think your "R"s are the best in all of "R"dom. If I could just add one R.... I am Rrrreally glad you came to my house this weekend, even if you and the boys were REALLY sick. Next time you will feel betteRRRRRRR!

Ma loves her fair-eyed maiden!!

Lauren said...

This post is Really Random but it Rates Really high on my list. I wish we could have been in HaRkerRs Island at the same time but I don't envy the sick bug you all had. Hopefully sometime soon we can Round everyone up together and have a Roudy good time. Lastly, to add to this Random R filled comment...RRRuffles have RRRRidges!

Wendi said...

You were supposed to tell me when you did this.
Silly girl.
Enjoyed your randomness...really!