Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Shoes

Has anybody seen my new shoes? The super.comfy.furry-on-the-inside.moccasin ones I got at Kohl's about a month ago. Yeah, it was a month ago - cause it was during my right-after-Christmas shopping spree that I should not have been on.

I just finished a sentence with a preposition. It's all going downhill from here, I can feel it.

But yeah, the shoes were last seen about 2 weeks ago - How sad is that - only wore them every other day for a matter of weeks and they've already skedaddled? I should go check in the black hole under my bed. If I find them, you guys will be the first to know. :)

*BTW, there are at least 15 R's in the post. That's as good as the Random TBC (one post back) is going to get. I still can't get over how hard it is to start a sentence with R.

*Another BTW, I took this picture last April. It was the day after I got my new camera, and I was so stoked about the good bokeh that I was using anything and everything as target practice. The dead giveaway is obviously the painted toenails. That only happens once every 12-18 months, and I totally remember this exact color and being madly in love with it.


Wendi said...

Nope...haven't seen em. didn't have to start the sentence with an R.
You just had to name 10 of your favorite things that begin with an R.
Rodney was a good start!

Susan Hancock said...

Ho Ho Ho! I would know that foot anywhere!! I don't know about the shoes, but I've got a pair of spiderman pj's, a big black shark, a little porpoise, a soft blue hoodie, and some almost new size 4 boys underwear here!! (Leah's boys had a little stomach bug last week while visiting at ma and pa's...)

I love you- miss you!

Melissa said...

Leah, I'm glad to see that other people have things to disappear. If you find my black North Face jacket in that black hole of yours, send it my way:)

BTW, I never knew there was a photographic term for the out-of-focus, blurry've learned me something new this morning.