Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, I'm such a dork

I've just spent about 15 minutes playing on this website. I think it is because I have boys. Three of them. They DO monsters, ya know?

Not only is it crazy that I'm spending this kinda time on such a website, at this time of day/night... But even crazier is the fact that I'm really entertaining the idea of buying the darn things. I've created three personalized stuffed animals... Colors, Shapes, even eyes that "fit," and of course, the initial on the tummies! At least I didn't "go there" and pretend that Rodney & I both needed one too!

How about Easter - What could the Easter bunny bring that could be better than a one-of-a-kind stuffed monster?!

I think I'll sleep on it. I'd better. And while I do, maybe I'll think of something good/entertaining/worthwhile/memorable/perfect/telling/oh-so-leah to write in my 100th entry, coming next! Oh, the pressure!


Susan Hancock said...

Leah- I did it too! Just a cute little site! I love you the best.

Lindsay said...

So remember the other night when Steve said "you should take up video games because sometimes it's nice to kill people"? I don't know why they seems so funny to me right now. Anyway, what a good laugh we got out of that:). Talk to you soon!

lov said...

you crack me up!!!!

leah said...

oh, linz - i'm still laughing about that too. also seem to think of it everytime i pour myself a tall glass of crystal lite, and hope and pray that it doesn't sting my nasal canal again like it did that night!

joellamorris said...

That is super cute! I can just imagine 4 with their initials on their tummies.