Thursday, March 12, 2009

RM dne MOW

TRANSLATION: "Ronald McDonald" does not equal "Mean Old Woman"

I learned something today. It was taught to me at McDonald's, of all places. Earlier in the day, Brady, Carter & I visited Jackson at school! We met him for lunch at 11:00 and then visited his classroom where I had the great opportunity to read to Jackson's class while Brady & Carter watched and listened too! It was really great.

I then headed back home, where I would shortly be needing to get Carter down for his nap. It was 12:00, and I knew we had a little time to waste before his normal nap time of 1:45 (That's a whole 'nother post - but I do have good reason).

Brady really wanted to do ANYTHING except go home, as he was already pretty upset that we didn't get to stay longer and enjoy the wide variety of toys (especially dinosaurs) that we had to quickly say goodbye to as we left Jackson's cool classroom. In fact, he knew just what would be the best idea of all - the McDonald's play area.

As soon as we got there, I knew the stay would not last long - 15 minutes, max. Our light jackets were just enough to keep us from seriously being knocked over by the gusty winds that swept through town earlier today. It was over 80 degrees yesterday, but that is beside the point. ;) We had already been there for about 10 minutes, and I knew it was going to end soon, thank goodness.

This is where the lesson begins.

A mother who was there with her almost-2 year old decided to help him up the stairs (that were only about 1" too high for him to hike himself) as she could tell he REALLY wanted to go up to the top. He was even already saying "weee" as he pointed to the slide, and the thrill in his eyes spoke volumes. His big brother was also there, and eagerly went up and down, and up and down, thus furthering the excitement of the little one. Only about 5 minutes had passed and her second and final trip to the top had commenced. Her little one was even more eager this time - because he KNEW now just how much fun one more trip down the slide with mommy would be.

THEN, an elderly lady worker from inside stormed outside. She wasted no time rushing to the bottom of the slide, only to shout to the top these words of warning: "Mam! You're too big to be up there!" The mom at the top was amazed! She politely said, "OK, we're leaving in two minutes. Thank you." Of course, she quickly urged her little one to hurry and get in her lap for their last trip down the slide. It was clear to her that the worker and a few of her elderly lady and gentlemen friends inside really got a kick out of what had just taken place. It was even ask if, as if they (yes I said "they," for the other couple had oddly been observing from inside the restaurant for more than the last 5 minutes) took pride in embarrassing the mother who had only ventured to the top for the sole purpose of getting the little one around and about.

The mom was on her way out (of the already opened iron gate that actually helped expedite the exit) when the worker uttered her final words of wisdom. "You don't know how many times I've wanted to to go up there too, just like you!" she said. The mom offered up her best brief explanation of why she did what she did, and said "Well, I do hope you know that I didn't go up there for the thrill." The worker quickly replied "Well - it's just not safe. Especially for him (she pointed to the toddler). If he's not big enough to do it himself, he's not big enough to be up there. We have these rules to protect them."

"Thank You. Have a nice day." were the mom's parting words. She also gave her two little boys an earful about mean old ladies as they were leaving the McDonald's parking lot. How do I know, you ask? Well, I have my reasons. ;)

Lesson learned. Do NOT do something in front of an old person that they, themselves wish they could do, but can not. They might chew your head off.

Steelman - Out.


Susan Hancock said...

Mean ol', mean ol' mean ol' lady. She didn't know who she was a-messing with;-)

File this under "Righteous Indignation."

Kirsty said...

Well wow that mom sounds SO cool! And so polite!
Can't say she'd have received the same pleasant greeting from me, was the "mean old ladies" diatribe in range of her hearing aide at least?

lov said...

was this your happy 100....cause if was great! :)

hope those boys learned a life lesson!

jreid0978 said...

I love reading your post . They are the best.

Allison Bernauer said...

Aly told me Brady liked dinosaurs. He must come over next time you are home and play with all of Max's. Our house is a dinosaur lovers dream. Max's whole room is dinos and 95% of his toys are too! Plus, I will let you go down our slide any time you want!! :)

Emily Lauren said...

I had no idea you were talking about yourself.
Ahhh....why did she even have to say something.
You are so nice my dear. I would have probably said something meaner, cried, or said something that I would have to ask God to forgive me for.
I hope the rest of your day was wonderful.

Hil said...

Mean old jealous lady!

I just love how you tell your stories!

Anna and Ryan said...

Leah, I love your stories, they are just hilarious and I can always hear your voice when I read your words. I wanted to let you know that if Brady is into Dinosaurs, he might enjoy Reptile & Amphibian Day at the NC Museum of Natural Science this weekend. They are calling it "Extreme Herps!" which in my view is a tragic mistake, but name aside, it looks like it will be a bonanza for any retile/amphibian/dino-loving little boy.

Lauren said...

Why do old people get a kick out of stuff like this? Really it's kinda pitiful if you think about it. I'm glad you were so nice. I don't think I could of responded without having a particular tone ;) Happy 100th post!

Erin Marriott said...

I love your stories!!! And you are the cutest mom, just trying to make your boys happy!! I love how you write, it's like you're really talking. You're the best!