Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old note uncovered

I sat in the waiting room of the orthodontist's office today, while Jackson had his poor little mouth worked on. Sitting next to me on the table was a magazine I've never seen or heard of before. It's called "MORE: For Women of Style & Substance." December 2010 edition. I peeked inside, expecting to find, oh, I don't know what, but ended up thoroughly enjoying the few minutes that followed. The most memorable article inside was that of letters between two pen-pals in the 1950's. One was Julia Child, as she studied culinary arts in and around Paris, France; The other, the wife of a publisher (I think it was) in the United States, who, while helping out her husband in sending a return correspondence to Julia, struck up a friendship that ultimately lasted a lifetime! I didn't get to finish all the letters, but during the 10-15 minutes that I sat there and read, my mind kept thinking, "Oh, I love this concept! I should hunt for more noteworthy pen-pal correspondences, cause this is good stuff... Letters. Yes. That's where it's AT!"

THEN, wouldn't you know... By accident, I found this "letter" tonight... An old text document (from October '09), filing words once put to paper by my dad... and sent to Rodney... I just don't want them to be forgotten. Love you Pa. Love you Rodney. You both make my blue eyes blue. Truly.


Best regards to the birthday boy!

Please know how happy and glad I am that you and Leah found each other, of the boys you have given me, and of the great friend and resource you are to me. I often boast to my friends that one of the b...est things my girls have done for me is having given me 4 more sons, and none did a better job than Leah. In fact, I sometimes worry that I rely on you too much as my personal tech-resource on retainer, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

Your dad must have been a special father, since they say that sons usually imitate their own father when it becomes there turn. I don't think I have ever known a more caring and benevolent daddy than what I see in you every time I am around you.

Thanks again for all the happiness you have brought into my life, and especially for how happy you have made my daughter. As you can appreciate even more than when you first were married, her happiness remains the most important thing in my life --- no kidding!

Happy birthday, and get yourself a pepsi (or bottled water) on the way home. I'll pay for it when I see you again,

November 21, 2010 ... Ma & Pa after Stake Conference
Family Man


Emily said...

I love that, so much. I don't really know Rodney, but this gives me a little glimpse into the good man that he is, and your dad always makes me smile. It's pretty awesome to be part of a family with such great people who are so willing to let each other know how much they are loved.

6Kids|??Grandkids said...

I'm a little sheepish about this, but I am also very proud. Now you see why she is my favorite. PA

regina said...

leah, that brought tears to my eyes! what wonderful men you have in your life!!!