Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am...

I am: up too late again.
I know: more today than I did yesterday.
I have: this problem with Oreos.
I hate: close mindedness.
I miss: the island.
I feel: content.
I hear: alto.
I think: green is pretty awesome.
I smell: like yummy Herbal Essences shampoo.
I love: my family.
I try: to keep in touch.
I might: make a roast for supper tomorrow night.
I wonder: OFTEN about what kind of men my little boys will be when they grow up.
I do not: like scary movies.
I care: about what people think if me "way yonder" (hear that, Aly?) more than I ought to.
I always: try to see the good in a situation or a person.
I never: have liked olives.
I would never: bungee jump.
I listen: to the still, small voice.
I am scared: of dying young.
I need: a housecleaner lady that comes about every other day. THAT would be awesome.
I can: type really fast. And with accuracy. :)
I wish: that there was such a thing as a Hancock compound... Kinda like the Kennedy's have.
I find: 75 degree weather absolutely, positively perfect.
I forget: a lot. Makes me wanna cry when I think about it.
I treasure: family photos.
I believe: Rodney. He's just right for me like that. <3
I sing: less than I used to, but man, don't I love it.
I write: at night.
I lose: 2 more pounds, and I've reached my goal! Thank you!
I win: at having the most lovely little family in the whole wide world.
I am happy about: just about everything. Seriously.


Emily said...

I am: your sister.

I love: you!

Rachel said...

I miss: hearing Leah sing with the stake choir. The end.

Susan Hancock said...

You are: my daughter!! In so many ways... wow. Jeepers. Unreal!!

Heidi H. Merkley said...

I think: this is wonderful:)

Karen said...

I wish: every little girl in the world was as happy as you -- for all the same reasons. This world would be a better place!

Delight said...

Loved it! Get this from Pa, huh. :)

telford hancoock said...

Leah you are wonderful,and one of the brightest stars in my sky.You make me realize how many things i am,Like blessed with relatives like you!

Aly said...

You make me smile ;)