Friday, June 3, 2011

Tell it like it is, young one.

I'm reminded of a few days ago when Rodney and I were expressing our dissatisfaction with one another about Jackson's recent rotten attitude with his brothers. Carter interjected, "Jackson's a TURD!"

Truer words have no almost-4-year-old ever said.

Carter is only TWO SLEEPS away from his much anticipated birthday. We have this vinyl calendar and drawing page on our kitchen wall. Only last month, we saw the number for Brady's countdown grow smaller and smaller ever day. It was such a thrill, it was no question that we should do the same thing for Carter's birthday! Here he is fixing the countdown today!

Our conversations about this these last few days have been so... so... adorable! With the thrill in his eyes of Christmas morning, he says, "Today it says THREEEEEEE, then tomorrow it's gonna say TWOOOOOOO, then after that, it's gonna say OOOONE, then after that, it's gonna say ZERO, and that's gonna be the BEST DAY EVER!!!!"

I should probably go plan something.


~Kari AND Blair~ said...

hahahaha!! I get so excited when I see you post! I love reading your blog, and I am sorry you have a little 'turd'...hahaha...

I call the girls that every now and then when they poop all over themselves and me (which happens too frequently)...But, I get in trouble from my mom...She says she doesn't want me to complain when they call each other that, or call the preacher that! ha!

Lindsay said...

Aw, sweet, sweet Carter man. Sure wish we could be there for his big day. Sending our love to him though. Hope it is a fantastic!

Ps--thanks for feeding my husband while I am away. You are too good to us.

Chapman Family said...

Just so you know this phase of being 7 1/2 is the stinkiest age!! But after they get baptized the attitude changes a bit, and you have hope in your child once again. We are experiencing the same thing with Riley. Not sure what part the adversary plays in any of this grumpiness?

On a happier note happy birthday Carter! Kali Gene is right behind you, and just as excited about being 4!