Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Episode 4 of "Lines from the Hymnal"

This morning, while getting ready for the day, I had a certain primary song on my mind, "Faith." The very last line of the song is "Faith is strengthened; I feel it grow whenever I obey." It made me think of a book by Spencer W. Kimball, "Faith Precedes the Miracle."

So, it dawned on me, a certain order of things, in a "if/then" sort of way:

In other words, Obedience ---> (yields) Miracles! Awesome! I like miracles. I even LOVE miracles. Heck, I'd pay for a miracle. Miracles. Rock.

Then, after going a step or two further with my thoughts, I realized that I had put together enough supporting "evidence" for a family home evening lesson, a talk in church, or even just a testimony. Finally, and with a little more delay than I'm comfortable admitting, I thought - "This could be shared with my Young Women! YES! If only I had a lesson to teach on Obedience, wouldn't that be GREAT!?!?!"

I had no sooner thought that thought when it dawned on me that it was probably my turn to teach this coming Sunday. Looked online, found my teaching schedule. Yep, it's my turn. Lesson #25, it says. Found the online manual for my lessons. Here's the link. Young Women's Lesson Manual

That is all.

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