Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Timeline of 12/7/12 - 12/12/12.

'Tis the Season.

Friday. Jackson coughs.
Saturday. Playtime at birthday party. Good times. Sickness fell that afternoon and evening on three little Steelboys (in the form of fever, more coughing, etc.). OTC Meds administered.
Sunday. Sickness continued. OTC Meds administered.
Monday. Sickness continued. Sickness was on it's way out, though. OTC Meds administered.
Tuesday. Sickness brought Jackson to pediatrician's office to be diagnosed with pneumonia. Closer to bedtime, Carter returned to super-sick. Thank you, Brady for being almost all better. OTC and Rx Meds administered.
Wednesday. Jackson & Carter seen at pediatrician's office. More meds for Jackson. Flu diagnosis for Carter. More OTC and Rx meds administered.
Wednesday night at 9:00. Chilly night. Three kids took showers, after which I pampered the heck out of them, blowing warm air from my blow dryer onto their towel laden bodies. They sigh in thankfulness and joy. Their hair blow-dried. Lotion applied on chapped upper lips, nostrils and hands. Hugs and warm feelings. That was by *far* my favorite part of the last five days.


Susan Hancock said...

So glad that tonight was better! Jacob left here tonight saying, "I think I am going to throw up!" Joel went to bed saying, "I think I am getting sick." ugh- maybe everyone will be better before Christmas!! I love you!

Kirsty said...

Oh you poor sweet soul. And your poor chillens. I'm glad everyone is diagnosed, drugged and on the mend. The pampering sounds lovely indeed. xo