Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Jackson Paul

Today, I will remember for a number of reasons...
1. Rodney worked from home! That was awesome. I so miss the era of that being the norm, but alas, it's not... Anyhoo, he did today, and not only did I totally eat it up, but so did the other smaller residents of 446 Shady Willow Lane. :) Fun times.
2. I/We got some major cleaning up done. The office and dining room of our new house has looked like we just moved in ever since we got here about 6 weeks ago. But today, things changed. Yeah, simply, we got some stuff done...arranged...put where it's supposed to be... YAY!
3. Tonight, Rodney picked out his belated birthday present from me (only about a week late, but who cares, really - not me. LOL!) It's a new game for the Nintendo Wii. It is called "Guitar Hero." Enough said. Well, not really - It's actually pretty cool, and one day, I intend to take some video to share with the rest of the world via the WWW. :)
4. The flat tire incident. UGGH. It's all taken care of now, but geez. WHY!?
5. But the very, very best part of the day was meeting Jackson's teachers for a little 15 minute Parent/Teacher conference. I went into it knowing that he's a good kid, and hoping all the good that I see in him daily is noticed by the teachers as they meet Monday through Thursday from 1:30 - 4:00. Well, it is. (And the crowd goes wild!)

The conversation was very pleasant from the moment I entered the room, and they both took a turn to tell me how much they think of Jackson. Miss Lydia is the lead teacher, and is absolutely fabulous! I had a great first impression of her at the orientation just before school started, and our conversation about her interest in the well-being of my son has confirmed my speculations. Mrs. Judie is the assistant, and reminds me of Sister. She's got a sweet twinkle in her eye as she talks, especially... about Jackson. She said that they are buddies. :) Some of the sweet things they said were what a kind little boy he is, what an obedient little boy he is, and how he is liked by all of his classmates, girls and boys alike. It felt, to me, like they were just going on and on. They let me know that he is so polite, and is always ready and willing to pick up when its time to, and sit still when its time to, and generally very well behaved. As a matter or fact, I believe the very first thing out of Miss Lydia's mouth when we sat down was, "I sure wish all conferences were as easy as this one's going to be." I got teary somewher in the midst of the compliments, but regained my composure pretty quickly, I think.

So, I have just been on cloud 15 this afternoon and evening. Jackson makes me so proud, and I am so very blessed to call him mine. I love you, Jackson. :)


Kyle and Aly said...

What a sweet boy. How could they not love that Jackson Paul!? Aly

NCSOXMAN said...


Are you ever gonna put some stuff on here again? I am waiting. Pa

Lauren said...

Well hello miss Leah! When it comes to your blog I'm kinda wondering the same thing as pa! Well if you do ever get on here again ;) then I wanted you to know I created a blog. I don't know how to add friends or anything yet.
Hope to see ya around the Hancock Hotel sometime soon!