Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jackson loves me

This past week, Jackson has developed a fondness for drawing birds. Just this morning, he drew a lovely "pair" of birds - a male and female. I complimented him on the "pretty" one, and told him that because it looked so beautiful, I could tell it was a girl (that, and she was a little bit smaller!). :) He immediately made sure I knew that the male was better looking, and helped clear up that confusion.

This afternoon, he drew a bird that had a talking bubble coming out of its beak - it said, "I *heart* U" (The heard was a drawing). Overjoyed, I thanked him for loving me, and told him how much I love him. As my dad does, I then asked him, "Do you love me a little bit or a whole lot?" He paused, and told me he'd be right back, after he wrote the answer on the piece of paper in his oh-so-big-boy code. If he came back with an "L" written by the bird, it meant he loves me a little bit. If he came back with an "H" written by the bird, it meant he loves me a whole lot. Lucky me, he came back -with an "H."

I Heart Him. With a capital H.


Strommer Family said...

Gotta love those *heart* boys!! ;)

lov said...

i love your header!
:) and i love your stories
and your little family!
and i love you leah!

Susan Hancock said...

Bless that big boy of yours! He's learned from the best!!!

and back at you.... a whole lot!!

Erin Marriott said...

Oh I had so much to catch up on with your blog! (not that I don't see you every week, haha!) Anyway, I LOVE the collage of your 3 boys, absolutely precious. It was fun sitting and laughing with you the other night at girl's night. You crack me up, and your laugh is so contagious! (sp?) Anyway, I'm glad I got to sit by you, even though I was on the end and getting the shaft from our waitress, haha!!

Priyanka said...
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Priyanka said...

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