Tuesday, May 12, 2009


What an exciting weekend! Rodney & Granny Carol spent last Thursday & Friday constructing our new 8' x 10' garden while the boys and I finished up our little stay at Harkers Island. So Saturday was an awesome day to go get three truck loads of soil and a bunch of starter plants at Lowes, and look what we have here! Our plants include:

2 tomato
1 cherry tomato
1 red bell pepper
3 green bell pepper
3 banana pepper
2 cantaloupe
3 squash
3 zuchinni
1 arugula (salad green)
4 lima bean (starting with seed, so time will tell)
4 pole bean (seed again)
3 cucumber

and a nice variety of herbs:
1 rosemary
2 basil
2 cilantro
1 oregano
1 sage

I can't wait to see how this summer crop works out! You guys have no idea how excited I am to be able to share this thrill with the boys and with Rodney, and especially share some (a lot) with friends and family. :)

Here are the pictures to document the very young plants... Hopefully the "after" picture in the next few months will be a totally different garden. :) Don't forget to look for our handy little gate that lets us in and out. Precious, I tell ya. :)


Emily said...

Now, I am one jealous sister!

Can Granny Carol and Rodney come to my house!?!

Joella Hancock Morris said...

Looking good! I bet it will be tasting good soon!

Soxy Pirate said...

I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!! If the stars align, and I can rope some men into the project, I shall have a raised bed later this week.

My mouth is watering.

Darn, I'm signed in as Joel again. It is the mama here.

The Robinson Family said...

Rodney did a great job. Gardens are alot of fun with kids. Christian did mine for me too while I had taken Carman to a birthday party. We have some good men!!

Aly said...

Love it! I want to come see it in person.

Anika said...


Anika said...

I didn't even read Aly's comment until I posted. But really, I'm planning on seeing it in about 27 days...

Dodson Family said...

That is awesome!! I am totally diggin the gate.

Priyanka said...

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