Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brady's Birfday!

Brady Boo had such a wonderful day! He began by walking out of his room, standing on the top stair, and exclaiming in the sweetest little 4-year-old voice you ever did hear, "It's my Birfday!"

Later during the morning, he periodically reminded Jackson that "you can't be mean to me, I'm the birfday boy!"

As the clock turned 9, 9:15, 9:41, 10:17, etc., he asked if it was 1:00 yet? He'd even return to the front door from time to time just to see if any "birfday friends" were here yet.

The party was all he had hoped for, as far as I could tell. His guests were Jarod R., Connor R., Owen K., Alan S., Danny S., Payson C., Riley C. and Avery C. Good burgers, pasta salad, vanilla wafers were had, and our trusty crystal lite was there to wash it down. There was trampoline jumping, airplane riding, water hose squirting, slipping and a-sliding, and bug finding and vacuuming. My little video camera ran out of battery while he opened his presents, so I didn't catch the blowing out of the candles on video, but thank goodness, Stephanie the prepared was "to the rescue" with hers. Last year, we had a little incident during Brady's birthday song, (only that Jackson blew out his candles for him - seen here), so I was really hoping that this year was without a hitch. I'm so pleased to report that it was just that.

Here are a few pictures from the sweet time that was had by all. :)


Soxy Pirate said...

Oh it surely looks like a great day!! We missed seeing you this weekend, but we will make it up this week. It's had to believe that Brady is already 4 years old. What a wonderful little boy. He's so polite, and a gentle soul- just like his mama!! (Except he looks like his daddy!!) Love you.

Darn- it's Ma again, Joel is using my computer these days, so he is signed in as Soxy Pirate!! I'll try to look from now on.

Joella Hancock Morris said...

It sounds and looks like a most wonderful birthday day! I do miss little Brady Boo - and Jackson Paul - and Darder! Give them all hugs and kisses for me.

Tiffany Nelson said...

I'm so suprized he had dino's for his party...Wish we could have made it were having garretts bday party this saturday he will be 9 cant believe it love you guys cant believe Carter will be 2 next friday