Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode 2 of "Lines from the Hymnal"

If you missed Episode 1, just click here.

"Oh, how praying rests the weary. Prayer will change the night to day."

OOOOOORRRRR. Prayer can make you even wearier! Oh, I kid... kind of.
I don't really know why I'm typing this out, except for recording the memory. It really wasn't so bad...

On Wednesdays, I am rather busy. "Typical" busy till 3:45, but at that point, when I pick up the boys from school, the (figurative) motor stars revving up, prepping for a race. There's:

*getting dinner going soon after walking back in the door.
*settling the drama that HAS to happen when my 3 monsters angels are reunited for the first time since 8:50am. the "he hit me!" "you started it!" drama. joy.
*homework. bloody homework.
*teaching 3 piano lessons from 4:30-6:00.
*eating a quick bite between 6:15 & 6:30
*heading out the door at 6:30 for my church calling as a mentor/leader for the young women at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
*getting home around 8:45-9pm.

And this past Wednesday was no exception. THAT was when I prayed. I generally pray daily - and many times. We pray over our meals, and always at bedtime, too. But on this day, I was prompted to do so, right in the middle of the day. 1:30 pm, to be exact. I just felt an urge, you could say. As I started to pray, what I experienced was a specific instruction about what to pray for. It was "for strength to get through the rest of the day." So, I did. I prayed for exactly that; "strength to get through the rest of the day."

Then, more words and promptings came into my mind. The prayer took a turn to Rodney's welfare. I prayed that he would be safe as he traveled home from work that day. For a moment after uttering that prayer (in my mind), I waited for what else I should say or do. Immediately, I had the impression that I should ask Rodney to stay at work "five minutes late." My innate reaction was to wonder, mid-prayer, if I was just imagining things. Doubt crept in for a moment, and I literally tried to talk myself out of believing that it was indeed a whispering from the still, small voice. Then, just as the still, small voice does, He assured me that I should do it. So I did. The email was sent at 1:41pm. He received it quickly, replied, and lovingly accepted the instruction I gave him to please stay five minutes late. I spent the following little while rather worried. I actually felt like crying, but tears never flowed. I felt a little bit of anxiety, but much moreso, I felt comfort and peace. I love that word.

So, this is when I'm supposed to tell of the extraordinary thing that happened on the way home; of the wreck that he passed that he SURELY would have been a part of, had I not listened and followed. But, there is no such tale to tell. I am thankful for that.

I have pondered on the happenings of Wednesday quite a bit since. This is what I've come up with. PRAYER and promptings from the Holy Ghost are like a radio signal between Heaven and Earth. If the radio (my soul, my mind, my heart, my ability to receive the radio waves) is not in tune with the message, then what good is the radio? or the signal that is trying to reach it? I believe that in the ever-present static of life, we must stop what we're doing and tune. in. our. antennas. and. listen. In this case, I know that my Heavenly Father was aware of me. Likewise, I was aware of Him. I am his daughter, He, my father. He loves me, and wants to take care of me. He prompted me this day to feel of His presence. I have proven myself - I WILL stop and tune in. If I don't, there's one person to blame for the resulting lack of inspiration and insight. Myself. And "Myself" doesn't do well with blame. She doesn't wanna touch it with a mile-long pole.

Prayer WILL change the night to day. And even give you a mighty dose of strength when needed.

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Erin said...

Wonderful post, Leah! What a wonderful reminder to me to try to always be in tune with the spirit. We may never know why we're prompted to do the things we are, but we know that we can be faithful to them.

Jami & Boys said...

Thanks Leah.

The Education of an Island Boy said...

Is a certain little girl coming home today?

The Education of an Island Boy said...

Loved this post, and made me feel good and proud to be your Dad (Pa). Also thought of Psalm 137. Pa

Christy said...

Oh, I love this! But what I love even more is that you had no story to tell about the ride home. I love that sometimes Heavenly Father knows that he can trust us enough to listen without him having to give me a big long explanation of why. Or to show us what would have happened had we not listened. It feels good to be trusted! (Besides, I'm sure, that like any parent, he get's tired of trying to explain himself and giving warnings!)

Jacque said...

Beautiful words Leah. You're a great teacher.