Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st (*Fool's Day*) 2011

Bless Brady's heart. I don't plan on fooling him again anytime soon...

Notice Jackson in the back seat, trying to cover his ears with a toboggan. 

 Who'd have thought a joke about heading to the doctor's office for flu-shots (right out of early release school) would have set him up for such a fit?! I had planned on pranking him and Jackson with that plan, and then the reveal would only be about 3 miles down the road, where we'd arrive at **CLAY FUSION** for a little pottery glazin'!

Picture from their website -

The plan was to pull up (at Clay Fusion) and tell them "APRIL FOOL'S!" But, as anyone could probably guess, I couldn't let Brady continue with his fit (whose volume deserves a blog post all its own!), so I quickly appeased him with the good news, only about 1/10th mile down the road. Man, you should have seen it! EPIC!!!

We did make it there, safe and sound. Carter was spending a little while at Kaitlin & Olivia's house (Thanks again, Linz!), so it was a great little date for mommy & big boys. Jackson picked out a sports car, and Brady picked out a (*SURPRISE*) creature. :) Here are are few pictures of all the fun we had. The colors will fire much darker than they look now (the pink will end up red, etc.).We'll pick up the finished product next Friday afternoon. Can't wait to see how they turn out.


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Christy said...

I am so happy that you caught that moment on camera...that was pretty funny (though not to him, obviously!).