Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pig bones

I didn't consciously decide to do two posts in a row about food, but it has come to that. My apologies.

Real quick though, I have to share what happened last night. I spent the latter half of the day with some thawing pork ribs. I'm pleased to say they turned out great, but that is not the point. ;) Jackson's curiosity about the poor fallen pig is, however, the point.

Anyway, he kept asking to see the bones (the ribs, of course), and I would show him, and he'd walk away satisfied that he had, in fact, seen pig ribs. Well, as they were finishing up on the grill, and the ends of the bones became more and more exposed, he got more excited, somehow! He finally said "LOOK! I CAN SEE THE RIBS!!!" Well, the excitement turned to mush when this conversation came up over supper:

Jackson: How did we get the pig ribs from the pig?
Mommy & Daddy: Well, Jackson. The pig died, and now we're eating him.
Jackson: Who did it?
Mommy & Daddy: A butcher - It's his job...
Jackson: Why did the butcher have to kill the pig?
We had a little trouble with this one...
Mommy & Daddy: Well, a butcher kills pigs so that we can have yummy food to eat, like bacon and these yummy ribs...
Jackson: Was it a baby pig?
Mommy & Daddy: No, hun. We don't eat "baby" anything -it was a BIG BIG pig, with lots of good meat on 'im.
Jackson: Well, that seems pretty MEAN!

Jackson only ate about 3 bites. The truth hit him too hard, I guess. Poor Jackson (for not being able to enjoy some yummy pork ribs) and Poor Pig - for dying for me... and Rodney -He ate more than I did.


Soxy Pirate said...

The poor uneaten pig died in vain.

Wendi said...

Hey Leah! Thanks for visiting my blog. I get so excited when more than 2 people comment! That is pretty pathetic-huh?
I love your twist on the pig story. I have not encountered that one-yet. I am still dealing with the whole "dead fish" issue! (lol!)
I obviously have not seen you in a while...where did all these babies come from? So precious!!!