Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A trip down Memory Lane...

Isn't that always the most fun?! Here are a few that made me giggle or were otherwise worth sharing... ;)

Jackson's work of art - his family tree - from his 3-year-old preschool class last year... 9/11/06

Brady Boo - apx 16 months ... 9/15/06

At a friend's Birthday Party at the Firestation - Brady was sad... 9/16/06

Sweet smiles...10/06/06

State Fair - Jackson at 3 years old... 10/19/06

Also at the State Fair - How could you tell?

Rodney scaring the pants off of many a trick-or-treater. 10/31/06

Rodney with his grandmother Louise - Affectionately known as "GG" ...11/14/06

Zac & Will in town for a visit... Too much fun! 12/20/06

Saydee, our firstborn... 12/23/06

Christmas Day 2006

Zoey Gray and Brady - God bless those sleep heads 12/29/06

The Christmas Holiday Photo Shoot of '06 - 12/30/06


Wendi said...

I loved this trip down memory lane with you. Great photos. I love the one of all the boys in the tub. What fun! I just posted too... thanks to some great material from my husband! Blog with you soon!

Strommer Family said...

Hey when I said get on the really got on!! Great pics!! Keep updating!!

nelsonjeneen said...

Great pictures! When I saw Saydee, it reminded of the days. I started to actually tear up.
Oh byetheway, could i get your new address? Colette and Daniel would like to send you a wedding invitation.
i will email you too.

Susan Hancock said...

It sure was a great trip down memory lane, sweet Leah. How did I miss the Christmas party at church?? Was I home with a sick husband? I just can't remember.

Bless Saydee.

The family that I have been blessed with is just too wonderful for words. I love you little mama.

Leah said...

Mama - I'm pretty sure you were probably cleaning up from a big breakfast! It was actually a "Let's get out of Grandma's Hair" sort of a visit down to the church... the Wii was obviously our main source of entertainment...Oh yeah - Pa was mighty sick, wasn't he?

And Saydee - I know it... God Bless...

Katie said...

I do believe Pa loves his children!:) Loved it!