Friday, March 14, 2008

You may not know that...

Let's go down the list shall we. :)

~Rodney used to want to be a weather man.
~He loves leggos. I've heard he was quite the little architect as a little boy - This skill abso-LUTELY comes in handy these days.
~He loves green. Match made in heaven, are we. :)
~He's never had a fever blister, never been further west than Chicago, and never watched The Sound of Music! LOL!
~He was a pitcher, and his High School pitching coach is now a Big League pitching coach!
~He's a steak and potato kinda guy. With Spring at our doorstep, The Holland Grill on our back porch is about to be resurrected! (We actually do grill out once or twice a week now, but still -come on SPRING!)
~His only major injury (that I'm aware of... or should I say "that I remember") was falling off a tree, and landing on a branch on the way down. (Picture shrimp on a skewer!) The scar on his leg is pretty gross.
~He's a big fan of UNC Tarheels, but all college basketball gets his adrenaline flowing!
~He's a collector at heart. This does NOT come in handy when there are 40-something superheros that "match" the first Wolverine and Spiderman purchase. Now it has continued for Cars cars... I believe we have about 25, and every trip to Walmart and Target includes a walk down that toy isle, boys in tow or not. LOL!
~His dream car after graduating from ECU was a Toyota Tacoma. It took us about 5 months to decide to take the plunge, and purchased it in May of 2001. He still drives it, and intends to till it has no more life left in it!
~He smells like heaven (that is, of course, if he's wearing my favorite cologne Aqua di Gio!)

ok, moving on....
~I miss high school. Scratch that - I miss the days of singing and performing on stage while in high school. Adelaide and Eliza Doolittle were dream characters, and I'll never forget how fun that was!
~I love green.
~I can't not tweek a recipe. I love to add an additional pinch of this, pinch of that - THEN, the recipe is complete!
~I spent over 10 minutes smelling different scents of Fabric Softener at walmart a couple nights ago. This is attributed to the following two revelations...
~I like to turn over EVERY stone. Wedding dress #35 was my choice, Boyfriend #25 was my choice to marry - KIDDING! But you get my drift...
~And, I love yummy smells. I remember my first Bath and Body Works spray. It was Sun-Ripened Raspberry. My all time favorite (from there) is Sugarplum. Reminds me of Tanya Best! :)
~I love main courses with sauces or gravy; Spaghetti, Enchiladas, Steak with Horseradish sauce, the list goes on and on... Oh, I almost forgot - Country Style steak! Gosh, I've got to do one more. Bojangles' Sausage Gravy Biscuits... that's enough for now...
~I have developed a new love for clorox. When I see that the last load in the hamper is all whites, I get kind of excited! LOL!
~I love Oprah and Ellen.
~I have to hold the remote when watching TV.
~I am realizing that hardwood floors are hard to keep clean...
~I love playing softball and volleyball. Basketball and soccer are for the birds. WAY too much running...

Mercy, this has gotten long, and he kids are running stir-crazy (Jackson's singing/shouting "RECIPE FOR DISASTER!") I have no idea where that came from!!! At least I know what my next post will be about.


Lindsay said...

Leah--Great post! It's fun to learn little bits of info about you here and there. I tried to call you before we left--sorry, you know I never leave a message. We will have to get together when we get back. I have lots to tell you!

Leah said...

Don't leave me hangin' much longer, Linz. I'm home and will be for the rest of the day. CALL when you get a chance!!!

Wendi said...

I am back from my weekend of Basketball. I survived without a computer for 3 days!
No blogging! Glad to be back and I so enjoyed this post. I learned lots about you and Rodney. Be careful giving out all this info. We might use it against you one day. J/K

Soxy Pirate said...

Leah, Pa and I were talking about High School just the other day. He was amazed when I told him...

I hated high school and every memory that I have of it is a bad one (except for football practices, and classes with Devin Daniels, because they were hilarious).

I would not go back for all the money in the world.

I hated it so much that I have literally blocked it out of my memory, and I can't even remember most of the "big" events that lots of people are fond of...proms, graduation, sports, etc.

Did we go to the same school?