Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Very, Very, Good Friday

I may not have any pictures to prove it (cause I forgot my camera - that's a whole 'nother post), but today, my older two boys and myself - yeah, we had a BLAST - with a capital B, and that rhymes with P and that stands for POOL!

Today, well, yesterday since it's 12:17 am, we spent the morning and afternoon out - downtown Raleigh, to be exact... At the Marbles Kids' Museum and then made out way outside to enjoy the 70 degree, absolutely PERFECT weather at the historic Pullen Park for lunch and even MORE play!

We three rode the "hobby horses" as Granny Carol affectionately calls them. I usually stand and protect the little guys - but luckily they're both at a place where a mommy is not quite as needed as she once was. So, there we were - Mommy up front - then Jackson and Brady side by side right behind. Just before the old man in the fold up metal chair put it into motion, I questioned the logic in choosing the one I did - "Should I have jumped on the one behind them - then I can watch their every move?" THEN, out of nowhere, a little girl darts to and climbs upon the back of that once-empty rabbit statue. Well Darn! ... Again - a seemingly unfortunate move is rather fortunate, afterall. Because from where I sat, just in front, I could turn and look - and see faces. So, what I am proud, even eager to report is - even without the physical pictures - the image is forever stamped into my memory...The grins, the laughter, and especially the thrill in their eyes and all over their beings were absolutely priceless.


Wendi said...

Good morning to you! I tried to catch you via the blog or gmail...but I missed you. Next time.
I want to know more about this Marbles Museum...sounds fun! Pullen Park, ah...brings back floods of memories. Do they still have the paddle boats? I need to take my children there. (again)
I am glad you had a great day... but never leave your house without a camera...mmkay?

Strommer Family said...

Ahh the memory of parks...don't have that luxury here in the land of the morning calm as it is callled...I worry all the time that when we finally do get to return to the great U S of A that my kids will be too old to enjoy those times that I remember as a kid and a teenager growing up there in NC with the Easter celebrations at Garner park.....well enjoy it that you have it!! and thanks so muchfor the new news!!

Susan Hancock said...

Leah, this sure sounds like one of those days that your cheeks actually hurt from smiling so much. I have had many days like that- as I often say, "Too wonderful for words."

I love you, little mama.