Monday, May 12, 2008

American Idol...and the like

WHY do I get so into these "artsy" reality tv shows?!

"American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance," and "Dancing With The Stars" especially...

I even gave these a chance
~ "America's Best Dance Crew" (The Randy Jackson baby on MTV)
~ "America's Got Talent"
~ "Star Search" (I just hadta)
~ "Step It Up and Dance"
~ "Dance Wars"
~ "Clash of the Choirs"
~ another 12 or so that I'm surprisingly forgetting right now...

Anyway, if I seem to be a tween by the song choices that are at the top in my playlist, then so be it. I can't help it that one out of every five songs I hear nowadays has a spot in my memory bank that relates to one of the aforementioned shows. I can't help it if I secretly want to be friends with Marissa Jaret Winokur (*even though I had to google how to spell her name), and absolutely detest Samantha Harris's co-hosting and interviewing skills. I can't help it that the only Backstreet boys I really ever liked were Joey Fatone and JC Chasez. I can't help it if the silly arguments between Ryan Seacrest and Simon are JUST the reason I've got to DIE!!! I can't help it if Bruno Tonioli and his colorful remarks make me laugh out loud! I can't help it that Mario Lopez (who went pretty far last year on "Dancing With The Stars" AND hosted "America's Best Dance Crew") is NOW cuter to me than he EVER was on Saved By The Bell - tell me I'm not alone!

Once again, my answer is quite simple, if I really think about it.

Why do I love those shows? Why do I NEED to have DVR? Why do Rodney and I have little tiffs about who holds the remote when we climb into bed at night?

I'll tell you why - It's SUSAN'S fault!!! THAT'S why!!! LOL!

Mama - I love you~ and I am so thankful that God saw fit for me to land in the sweet spot where the arts, especially music (and a little too much tv) were the constant melody to which we danced. Happy Mother's Day, again, and please know that our little girls getaway last summer to see the tour of "SYTYCD" in Greensboro would not have been near as fun, or even possible, if it hadn't been for you.


Susan Hancock said...

Well, bless your sweet little heart, my little mama. You've made my day! I am flattered... seems a bit hard to fathom how simple little moments of mundane life can equal into a love of those things of which you speak! Really though, I guess that we've just had so many fun times centered around music, dance, drama, choir, etc... that it has shaped us all. I always said that a little calm music could change the whole mood of our home... hey! That's what I should have done yesterday during dinner when 13 children and 11 hungry adults had a crazier than usual time... in case you were'nt here, I gave our dinner a D-, the only thing that kept it from being an F is that we did actually get some food in our mouths!!

So- next time, we'll have the MoTab choir on standby!!

Love you sweet little music-loving mama! BTW, your voice is the voice of an angel, some of my sweetest memories of you are those times when you would sit down at the piano and sing and play through an entire book! Ah, sweet memories!

Wendi said...

I love it!

I too love reality tv, although some of my favorites would most definitely fall into "trashy" reality instead of "artsy".

Your mom is quite the lady. I must admit she is one of my favorite women. I did find a flaw of hers on Saturday night...she wears Crocs!!!(LOL) I tease.

Emily Lauren said...

How sweet Leah. Your mother sounds amazing. I want to hear your sweet singing voice Leah. :)
BTW-I'm right there w/ you w/ reality TV. It just sucks you in huh?

Emily said...

Such a sweet post Leah! I had to tell ya though I had to google the Backstreet Boys to match the faces with the names and actually Joey Fatone and JC Chasez were in NSyNC!LOL Had I not googled I would have never known! Thought that was funny:) Oh, I totally agree with you on Mario Lopez...MUCH cuter now!lol

Leah said...

i totally knew they were in n-sync!?! my fingers got ahead of my brain.
not the first time -and surely won't be the last. *hahah*

i know too many emilys, ya think? :)

The Colonel & Princess Sanders. said...

You are hilarious Leah! I too watch reality tv, more now that I have DVR. My favorites are mostly on MTV, like The Hills, Laguna Beach, and Run's House. I know, I know, very teeny bop shows, but I know I will never live like that and it is so funny!!!

Feel free to put our link on your side bar, sorry I did not ask you when I put yours on ours! :) I hope that was okay.

Love to read about your family!!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Well I just made a post and deleted it!lol
The post said I totally understand the "step behind brain"LOL I have that same syndrome!
*I think I proved that:)
Had I not Googled they would have been Backstreet Boys to me!haha Im not good with names but if I have a face Im there:)

Emily said...

Oh and yes LOTS of Emily's! But, hey you can never know too many:)

Joella Hancock Morris said...

Le - I think I could have written that post! I can hardly wait for SYTYCD!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Susan and Leah and everyone else who can't go without reading Leah's amazing blog,

Isn't it amazing that your love for all that was mentioned spread even outside of your family to a young girl named Lisa who adored and adores those Hancock women? To Emily Lauren...she is amazing! Love you all! Lisa Pittman

Anonymous said...

How about how many times I said amazing!!!! Hard not to do when talking about you guys!!!!

BTW I am anonymous because I can't ever remember any unsernames or passwords. I even keep a book and I still can't remember to write them down!!! Love Ya! Lisa Pittman