Thursday, May 15, 2008

beautimus... blogger... chillax... ginormous... instering

what do those words have in common, you ask?

i'm sure you can get it without my help, so i'll give you a second.

look closely.

yep, you're starting to see it.

that's right - they're "new" words. the first four more common than the last, but that's ok; its actually a jackson-ism (he actually coined that phrase one day when i told him what a baby's name was - he said, "well that's a very instering name.").

curious about the others and their meaning?


lousy definition, mind you: blogger



ok, finally - why am i telling you all this. BECAUSE!! i have a word! (and apparently i've forgotten how to use the shift key at the beginning of a sentence.)

the last thing i wanna do is built it up like the friend who tells you you "HAVE" to see such-and-such movie, cause its the best movie "EVER" and you go and see it and you're let down that it was actually NOT that great and you don't know why that person is even your friend in the first place. *sigh* but, without any further adieu...

my word is: blorthy ... a shortened version of "blog worthy."

go ahead and tell me how lame i am to have an entire post dedicated to my crazy "need to get out of the house more" thought processes. it's ok. i can handle it. just remember though, that when that blorthy moment is happening in your life, you'll think of me and the afterthought just might be, "genius." or "crazy." i don't care.


Wendi said...

You. are. GENZY!
That is my new word.
A combination of Genius and Crazy.
I use the words "blog worthy" all of the time.
I like to think that I coined that phrase.
We know I didn't.
I will have to try out your new word and see how it sounds.
Try my new word: "FROCKS"
(a shortened word for fake Crocs!)
or my other favorite:
"technotarded" (a shortened word for technology challenged retard)
Yup, I stole that one too!
Isn't 95% of creativity just not revealing ones source?
Catch ya later you

Leah said...

i AM genzy, aren't i? :)
thanks my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah!
I can't believe you have 3 boys!!! That is wonderful:) They have such adorable names too! Thanks for finding my blog- I added you as one of my links on my page so I can keep up with what's new with you too. And soon my little Lily will be here and I will post photos so you can see her!

Katie said...

happy birthday lil' lady!:) loves loves loves!

Anika said...

Happy Birthday!