Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Your Style? ...and other tidbits

Gotta make this a short and sweet one, but the quiz was definitely interesting. What's crazy is - I never have thought of myself as a very introverted person. Seems, though - I parent sort of intervertedly. Forgive me for making up that word. It just works.

Here are my results from this mommy test.

Your type is: The Tuned In Mother (INFP)]
*By the way - the INFP breakdown is as follows:
I: Introverted
N: Intuitive
F: Feeling
P: Perceiving

* Aware, astute, and understanding, the INFP mother is sensitive to her child’s needs, feelings, and perceptions. By observing and listening to the cues of the whole child, she is “tuned in” and naturally develops an intuitive feel for what he or she needs. Responsive and helpful as well, she tends patiently to those needs as they arise.
* The INFP mother is comfortable letting her children follow their own course of development and make their own choices. She offers encouragement and uses her insights to head off trouble and difficult issues.
* The INFP mother takes vicarious pleasure giving her children good experiences and watching them enjoy childhood. She’s happiest creating pleasant, memorable times for the whole family.

What the test results DIDN'T tell me however, is why the bleeping bleep sickness must prevail in our family (extended too!)... This past weekend, we traveled to Harkers Island for Joel and Lauren's Wedding Reception. We had the best time, especially at the reception and at Aunt Glenda's beach on Monday... Leaving time was quickly approaching when the lightbulb moment hit. What if Jackson stayed at H.I. for a few days with Grandma and her posse, and then we meet in the middle later in the week to have him returned to his rightful owners. Sounds perfect doesn't it? ('specially considering Jackson really didn't wanna leave the clan of cousins which are all within breathing distance...) Afterall, Pa has been saying to me for some time now, "Lee, I can't wait for Jackson to be old enough to want to stay down here a little extra after you head home one of these days." I took it literally. SOOOO, we departed, a family short one member, on Monday evening around 6:30ish, I think. As far as I can tell, all was well for most of Tuesday, UNTIL... the bug... the mean ol' stomach bug hit him - and Grandma. We (Grandma & I) chatter over the phone a couple times trying to figure out the best course of action - to stay - or not to stay - that was the question. The alternative was, of course, to hit the road and do that little "meet in the middle" thing then and there (8:00 last night). Thankfully, Jackson quickly fell asleep after that phone call, and we decided that we'd stick it out (or rather, Grandma would stick it out). Today has been better, but the bug - of course, has spreads like wild fire. As far as I know - others "hit" so far are: Joel & Lauren, James, Rae Lynn, Uncle Tommy, and Lauren's dad. May it pass. Quickly. And without a vengeance. That is my prayer.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead - I've done laundry. Lots of it. And dishes. Oh, and got some lantana and begonias at Lowe's. Got a few of them planted today. Hopefully I'll get the rest in the ground by the end of this week. Will post pics soon. :)

Oh, and here are a few from the trip. TELL me they didn't have a blast!!!

Oh, and one final honorable mention - THANK YOU MAMA!!!


Wendi said...

Oh Leah...we are different.
I probably didn't read it as clearly as you.
I may be "Happy and Together"(not really true), but you are one "Tuned In" Mama.
Sorry to hear about the sickness...didn't you just have that?
No sharing please!
Love the photos.
The bathtub one is super fabulous work!
Look out Aly!

Susan Hancock said...

Tonight is somewhat better! Joel and Lauren have at least gotten their heads off of the bed, Zac and Jackson are watching tv (some spiderman cartoon) and Jackson says he's gonna stay awake all night!!

Pa went to bed early because we were watching "SYTYCD" but he was trying to get it in High Def but the volume wasn't working... anyway, after we spoke loud enough for him to hear, he just gave up and left the room.

The chicken soup for supper was tasty- seemed to help- and may I just say Thanks Aly for passing around the zofran for nausea for all the near and dear~~

Jackson is really fine- we just haven't done much in the way of exciting.

I love you little mama. Your mama is fine- glad the 24 hours has passed.

Katie said...

Why is it after a Hancock wedding there has got to be spewin'!? I do remember, maybe yours or Aly's reception Mikey was bad off and it had traveled onto the Amspacher house... shew! This too shall pass!

Emily Lauren said...

Poor Leah! Well, Jackson, but I know you just want to take care of that boy too. I sure hope it passes quickly and all of you start to feel better soon. I really dislike those bugs. I feel so bad for the newlyweds. How sad is that?
May your day be better today.
Hugs Jackson.