Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh me - Where to start! HAHA!

So my last post was April 22nd - holy cow!

I must do the short and sweet version - Here's what I've been up to (again - more for me to look back on than to entertain - anyway...)

The last weekend of April brought miles and miles of fun. I traveled to HOTLANTA for a girls weekend - with 16 of my closest friends!!! For those of you who don't know, I've been a member of a "mom's board" for 4 1/2 years now - started with babycenter - then branched off into a "private" board soon thereafter to help keep snoopy hooligans from seeing our precious kids and information which is intended for appropriate eyes only. The branch off board is called "Blue Moon," named for the relationship that has been forged around the world between the members - "once in a blue moon" kinda thing (and we all have September 2003 babies in common, who have a sapphire birthstone). :) ANYWAY, coming from all over the USA, the 17 of us met there with relaxing, eating, and more relaxing on the itinerary. One of the highlights of the trip was the Saturday night meal at Fogo de Chao - a Brazilian Steakhouse, where I ate at least 24 ounces of meat. I kid you not. We also went to see Baby Mama, which I'm pleased to acknowledge was a VERY funny flick. Steve Martin was a "scene stealer" (as my friend Adie would say!), and the mommy humor was right ON!
...Here are a handful of pictures documenting the fabulous time that was had by all...

I'd love to tell more and more and more about the Atlanta vacation - but since I've got much more to catch up on, I'll keep goin'...

We got a new camera - a Nikon D80 - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, BABY!!! or THANK YOU UNCLE SAM (however you'd like to slice it)... It arrived while I was in Atlanta, and Rodney got to break it in. Although he did take a good 150 or more pictures before I got home, I think it's safe to say that I've cought up with him between April 28th and May 9th - let's see - if I actually tally up how many pictures I've taken in that 11 day time frame - the grand total comes to ................... 1,502 pictures!!! LOL! Can I just say "holy cow" one more time! But come on! Who can blame me?! When you have subjects as precious as these, what's a mommy to do BESIDES snap, snap, snap!? Forgive me, y'all - i'm about to overload the senses with Steelman boy pics!!! Hopefully, you're in need of a fix. ;)

So here I sit, about an hour and a half after starting my post - next time, I'll try to remember to resize my pictures before trying to add them. Big pictures take ALL NIGHT!

One last tidbit worth journaling - I plan to take Carter to the doc tomorrow (Saturday)... I'm putting money on him having an ear infection - This is #5 this year! I'm going to let out one last - Holy cow!


The Robinson Family said...

I love the pictures of your girls trip. I am so jealous. You look so pretty in the argyle sweater picture. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Emily Lauren said...

The boys are PERFECT! OMG---they are seriously precious. You seriously need to put them in modeling classes. I can see them on the cover of a magazine one day.
You are a wonderful mommy girlfriend.
I'm proud to say I'm one of your Blue Moon friends. :)
Happy Mother's Day.

Peppers Clan said...

I'm so glad you finally decided to post some more pics of those adorable boys!! Your family is just precious!

Lindsay said...

Such great pics! You look absolutely beautiful in all of them might I add! I'm glad to hear the details of your fun weekend getaway! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day, I will talk to you soon!

Wendi said...

Your HOTLANTA trip looks and sounds heavenly!
Speaking of Heavenly...the Nikon ain't lookin' too bad either.
I am seething with jealousy over the camera AND the trip!
The boys are just the cutest!
I so enjoyed our little visit Saturday night. I just love your family! Let's get together again soon!
Happy Mother's Day!!!

mbalderston said...

Come back to the ATL !! We miss you !