Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dinner - 22 votes (55%)

Supper - 18 votes (45%)

Votes so far: 40

So the majority of you call the 3rd/final meal "Dinner." Huh?!

I kid. I realize that most people do. I guess what I did find out besides having my speculations confirmed is that about 18 people from Carteret County visit my blog. HAHA! :) Love you all the mostest. Those dinner-answerers do NOT know what they're talking about. I'm glad I said it.

BTW. You're probably a little perplexed by why GWB is the picture I chose for this post. It started with a search for the word "huh" on Google images... And then it ended with me laughing quite hysterically at the appropriateness of his expression (as in - it looks just like me right now)... :)


Emily said...

When I worked at a salon in Kansas there was one massage therapist who would say every night something like, "I'm going to go take my supper and I'll be back in an hour." I always thought it sounded so funny! Like, kind of hick-ish and sophisticated all at the same time!

Strommer Family said...

It makes him human I think...I'm glad you put it on there!! ;)

Christy said...

I laughed so hard when I saw this pole because this is a constant argument between Ryan and I. If I ever say dinner you can hear him from across the house yelling SUPPER!! I told him your blog showed that more people call is dinner and he says the reason for the results is the high number of people that move here from other places (like me). I think that's true. Everyone I know who was born and raised around here calls it supper. And after all these years I was thinking I had begun to blend! Oh well, I guess sooner or later your roots always show!

Lindsay said...

I guess I should feel a little bit out of place... being from Beaufort and calling the 3rd meal of the day dinner ;)

Wendi said...

I have lived in the good ole South my entire life and I call the third meal of the day DINNER.
How did this happen?
Have you ever been to a restaurant and asked for their supper menu?
Of course not...Dinner menu.
And that is all I have to say about that!!!