Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just "wrong"

#1. Jackson has learned a new word; a word that I suspect I learned when I was about 14! *Cannibalism* HAHA!

see 30-second clip of Johnny Depp in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory": Link

#2. Brady has come home from school today with some news; news that this mama is rather ill about... He is being bullied by a classmate and his posse. There are three boys, apparently, and each of them like to call him "Ro-Baby." Also, he has some skint up knees from where the head bully pushed him down on the play ground today.

 #3. If I were in the mood to enforce gospel principles, I'd make sure Brady knows that two wrongs don't make a right, and that he needs to kill the bullies with kindness. BUT, I'm not.


Susan Hancock said...

Grrrrrrr- that makes Grandma burn/sizzle.... grrrrrrr. Let me know how tomorrow goes- I'll call you later, alligator.

Renee Willis said...

Leah, we are going through the same thing right now w/ Nora Catherine. She's in 1st grade. Luckily, it's only one little girl, but she too has already been pushed down...but fell on her "bottom", not her knees! It is not making for a good start to the 1st grade school year!

Jazzy Reece said...

OMG!! My eyes are tearing up just reading that!!! I am being faced with the similar issue with my son. I hope those bullies turn sweet real soon...or else I'm gonna start praying they bite their tongues eating a candybar...or that they stub their baby toes after a nice warm bath!!!! =(

allie said...

Oh, snap. No dey di-uhnt! You want me to be his personal bodyguard? Get out my teacher voice? Make all those bullies hold hands during recess? I'll do it. You just say the word.

Seriously, I'm so sorry. It hurts when the time comes that you realize you can't protect your kids' hearts out there. But this I know: Brady has awesome to spare, and I know he's going to have a wonderful life because he also has a family that provides him with a foundation as strong as an oak. And those kids? Well, I guess I feel a little sorry for them. (But I'll still make them hold hands at recess. Punks.)

Erin Marriott said...

Oh Leah. I am so sorry to hear about Brady, it honestly breaks my heart and makes me want to cry! It's so sad when we as moms can't be there for everything anymore. I haven't been on your blog in SOOO long, I had a ton to catch up on. Ironically this is your latest post, and I'm just shocked because Brady is such a cool kid. Lillie has two boys in her class that she gets all embarressed about, and talks about them. But then at dinner the other night, she said 'out of Jake and Lucas, I still like Brady the most' Lol!! I guess she sees Brady all the time at school, and she gets so excited everytime! She's always had this thing for Brady! He is going to be such a little heart breaker, he has those eyes that will melt your heart! Those bullies better knock it off, or they'll have a stampede of angry soccer moms following them around at recess!! I totally have your back. Rrrrr.