Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Food *meets* Prophetic Vision :)

Last week, the impending doom of Hurricane Earl (or, not so much, thank goodness!) caused me to study out or family's 72 hour kits. I recalled that about 5 years ago not too long ago, my mama I worked tirelessly to prepare one for each member of our family. It was a well thought out, thorough, tasty supply of food and just-in-case essentials (like flashlights, tarps, washcloths, matches, hammer, a little cash). Should we find ourselves quickly escaping harms way, with no certainties of a place to stay, even a safe hotel room, it would be just what the doctor ordered. Picture Hurricane Katrina-like worst-case-scenario. A family's got needs - but most of all, food and water to throw in the back of a car in an especially urgent evacuation.

Anyway, I found our stash in the garage just where I knew it would be. I had to start by dusting off each of the 4 containers (2 are dedicated to bottled water only, while the other 2 were: "Leah & Brady's box" and "Rodney & Jackson's box). There was no Carter man at the time. That's kinda sad to think about, isn't it?! After getting the large plastic boxes clean enough to bring into the house, I did so, and began to unpack the forgotten, edible and expired treasures. Examples of tasty favorites are:

*instant oatmeal packets
*individually packaged snacks like chex mix or graham cracker stick
*even dog food (God bless Saydee Doo)
*beef jerkey
*peanut butter

So, days went by, and I naturally did nothing else with the stash except leave it right where it was initially unearthed. It's actually still there. Gonna tackle that little problem sometime in the next couple of days. At least that's what I keep telling Rodney From time to time, the boys have gone and glanced at the piles, and wish I would let them eat it, but time after time, I've have to remind them that unfortunately, the food had expired.

Well, in the last two days, Carter has eyed the delectible pile. He not only eyes it, but grabs what looks good to him. When he approaches me with any packet of "old" food, he asks me if he can eat it with this question, "Mom - can I eat this food, or is it inspired?"

And did you know that September is "National Preparedness Month!?" For more fabulous resources on Emergency Preparedness, look no further, I gotcha covered:

American Red Cross "Prepare Your Home and Family"




And a little something truly "inspired."


~Kari AND Blair~ said...

hahahahahaha!! Poor thing just wants to eat 'inspired' food, mama! Bad mom!!!!!!!!!

That is hilarious! Your posts ALWAYS make my day!

Sharlynn Sanders said...

Is the food expired or does it say best by on it? If it is a best by date it is most likely okay to eat, just might not taste as good.
Just a thought!

felicity & nathaniel said...

Good girl!
I can't believe how lame I am... I just found your blog. Genius at work, right here. We just read your airport story and LOVED it. I'll bet money he talked about you that Sunday he got home.
Come visit us!

Susan Hancock said...

Lee Lee!! Has it been that long? I remember feeling great after we got all the kit stuff together- you are right- we don't know when we may need it, so why not get prepared anyway!

So- I guess I will pull mine out and discard/replace my inspired stuff too!!!!!

Anna and Ryan said...

Leah. You totally crack me up!! I love this story. We also just found Oliver's little 72 hour kit...stocked with onsies and size 2 diapers. That's going to be a real help in our time of need.