Thursday, July 17, 2008

zokes galore

#1. brady frequently comes up to me during the day and says (in his broken english... well, "funky" english, i should say)...
"hey mommy- - i'm going to tell you a zoke." actually it's probably more like "i'm doe-in' 'uh tell you a zoke."

*edited the next morning to add his favorite one. how could i forget:

"what did the cow do when he zumped over the moon?"
"...he pooted!"

you may recall this post? yes, he's still really into the potty words these days. LOL! oh, may it pass!!!

oh i almost forgot. last week i dvr'd "jurassic park." we watched it a little. dino-man-brady was loving it. then came the "too scary" parts. anyway. long story short, i deleted it. well, for a few days now he's been asking to watch "zuh-raffic park!" god bless. i decided i could part with $0.88 at walmart today in honor of his new-found love for ziraffes.

...when he gets that the "j" makes the "jjj" sound, it will be a sad day in my world...

#2. jackson's first week of school has gone great. as a matter of fact, we're $1.75 richer, because of it! his super-duper friend (whose name he just learned today), victor, seemed to think that giving his friend money is a super-duper way to show one's loyalty. LOL! jackson has even divulged that victor doesn't even know his name yet. calls jackson "friend." and as jackson puts it, victor says, "hey friend. come with me, friend."

here are a few "getting ready for school" shots from this week. notice his new transformers backpack. the boy is in love. in the third shot he felt like sticking out his hiney.

then brady did too.

carter looked on smiling.

with his feet doing this.

ok, one more kindergarten story. so there's been 5 days of school so far. 4 of those 5 days, jackson has told me that he's eaten an orange for lunch. what's funny to me is - in his (almost) 5 years, he has never once asked for an orange when we've been at the grocery store. what's more - oranges are not that easy to eat, as you all know. anyhoo - he's found that he loves them, and i can't wait to get one so he can show me just exactly how he gets into it when he's in the cafeteria without me...

#3. i went for a walk the other day. something smelled so rosy. delicious, even. i thought to myself - when i round this curve, i'm sure to find a flowering vine of some sort in the woods. a jasmine? not honeysuckle, i know that smell. well. you'll never guess what it was. you'll think i'm zoking. i won't be. 'tis true. ladies and gents - it was...not a flowering vine. LOL! it was however, a portajohn. see it? i should call and see where they get there "scent"sory goodness! surely there's a 1-800 number on that thing somewhere.

#4. didn't you all feel like this when you walked in the door from school? one dollar and seventy-five cents richer, that is?

#5. sytycd. dude. she's back. (*it's on right now, i realize. i haven't watched a second of it though. you'll have to trust me.)

so, my guess is... SHE is going home. again. and mark or gev for the dudes. i like them both though. hmpfff.


Christy said...

I love you blog, Leah. You guys crack me up!

Robbins said...

Oh Leah! you make me laugh every time I read any of your comments! Don't you love the $.88 animals at Walmart. They are Easton's favorites and I don't even feel bad if one gets misplaced.

Strommer Family said...

Are you on year round school!!?? Do you like it?? Anyway, your kids are so cute and it's even better when he's so excited for school!! We have the .88 animals here too...well probably more like .99 but well you know the inflation crosses across the seas and miles...what can you do!!?? ;)

Susan Hancock said...

What a sweet Brady boo boo. I love his zokes! You are right about the little nuances of childhood, once they grow out of certain things, it is a bit sad. But, there are always new and exciting things waiting in the wings!!! ALWAYS.

Jackson looks like an old pro at the school stuff now. Carter looks like you... but I have said that before. He's a baby doll!!!

Sorry I didn't make it to Rolesville this week, too much happening at home. Soon though.

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness, you are too much!! lol What a wonderful blog! I am full of disbelief: who sends children to school in the middle of JULY?? when did Brady become such a wild zokester?? how come you didn't get Carter a matching shirt in the "my three sons" photo?? and how come nobody told victor that he should be giving his money to the ladies?? Shock and awe. ;)

Thank you for sharing your observations and HANDSOME fellas with the rest of the world. :)

Anonymous said...

it's so crazy to think you have boys old enough to go to school!!!

Thanks for the comments about Lily- we think she is adorable too!!
I am actually feeling really good. She sleep for 3-5 hours at a time so I am pretty well rested and I am healing with the help of a little Vicodin:)

Wendi said...

1.Love that Brady and those ZOKES!!!

2.School already? ugh.
We just finished baseball!
Where did the summer go?

3.A honey suckle smelling porta-potty?
Who knew?

4.Love friends with cash...those are the best kind!

5. I. am. clueless.

Wendi said... word verification:



*ChElSeA fAyE* said...

Hey Leah,

Thanks for the congrats :) I know I was really excited haha I believe my first response to his question was "What?!" "Are you serious...What?" haha! I did say yes at some point :D But I love my ring which means I love your ring haha our men have such great taste!!! I was very shocked and VERY happy with what he chose for me...and on his own which totally shocked me even more :) Hope everything is going good on Shadow Willow Lane your boys are SOOO cute and getting sooo big. Carter is your spitting image!!! I don't know how to comment back to your mama but don't I love me some Mrs. Susan!!! Tell her I said hello and thanks for the comment as well :)

Mikal said...

Jackson may have hit on something. Buy a friend! An entrepreneur!