Thursday, July 3, 2008

sytycd bottom couples

short and sweet...
these couples are in trouble.
(top: courtney & gev ... bottom: kourtney & matt)

their problem happens to have a name. many names, in fact. they are:
chelsie, mark, katee, joshua, kherington, & twitch

that leaves a handful that i feel luke warm about today. i think the judges were too madly in love with comfort last night, so i wouldn't be surprised if she swings it for at least one more week (much to my dismay)... will got some bad comments, so i think he could be in trouble too - but honestly, he is so darn good. like, amazing, if you ask me... then there's jessica and thayne... yeah, luke warm about them too...

can't wait for tonight!!!


Soxy Pirate said...

I guaranteed last night that Katee and Joshua and Chelsie and Mark would be safe, and that Comfort and Thayne will be in the bottom.

Everything else is up in the air.

Wendi said...

I feel the need to watch tonight.
I may have to forgo the blog to sit in front of the tv.
You have me intrigued.

leah said...

tell you what.
next wednesday - let us meet in the middle - say, wilson?! and watch together! LOL! (we'll find a tv. that's such a minor detail.)

or... how about this.
if you decide against plan "a," i could just email you the phone numbers to call, and you can contribute to the cause. you pick. :)

leah said...

joel. you're one smart cookie! yes you are. (that last sentence was mary murphy style. LOL!)

Wendi said...

I watched BTW.
Cole tried to dance like the "pop and lock" dude.
Quite impressive.
The dude.
Not Cole.
Definitely not Cole!

leah said...

w- that's awesome!!! watch next week on wednesday AND thursday, and you're sure to be hooked, just like the rest of us hoodlums. ;)