Thursday, July 10, 2008

And there went out a decree...

...from Leah the Mama
...that all the world (of steelman boys) should ...


brady potty trained in early june. bless his heart. something in his sweet little head tells him it's "cool" to keep the light off and only leave a wee-little-crackage of daylight coming in to light the way. not only that - but in ADDITION to that, when he goes to sit to do his business, he nearly refuses to pull his shorts and underwear all the way off so as to create the most error-proof approach of getting the... waste... (especially pee) into the pot, as mommy would have him do. so. you guessed it. it misses. and sprays forward. toward the wall. and the seat. and the floor. oh dear.

honestly, though. it IS getting better. he's heard me lay the ground rules for alone-pottying a good 429 times now, and somehow, it is sinking in. bless his heart.

ok. topic two. sytycd eliminations.

somebody. please.

SEND THE hippidy-hopper-chicka HOME already!
and thayne. it's your time, dude.
i've said my peace.
over and out.


Kinleigh said...

we are so addicted to sytycd too!!! i'm so tired of comfort and think she should have left a long time ago. and thayne and his smile... really?!?

Anna and Ryan said...

Leah, you totally crack me up!!

Amanda said...

Caleb's been potty trained for years and I still have to remind him to watch where he's peeing. I just love when I go into the bathroom and find pee all over the toilet (and on a really exciting day on the floor and the walls too) and he denies having any responsibility for the mess. "It wasn't me!" Good luck!

Robbins said...

Leah, You crack me up about the potty training. Easton has FINALLY started to "THINK" about potty training. Man has he been stubborn about that. At least you get the bathroom thing...Easton's favorite thing to do is run outside to the back deck, take ALL his clothes off and pee through the banisters. My poor neighbors....:)

Wendi said...

Potty training?
Is there anything harder?
Is there anything funnier?
Is there anything more fabulous than actually BEING TRAINED?
I think not.
Great job fabulous Mama!!!

Emily said...

Hey Leah! Just to make you more jealous I just added a couple videos to my last post. :) Just incase you want to take a look.

Sorry about the pee on the floor. I can't relate yet, but my days are numbered, I'm sure.

Dodson Family said...

Mine makes into the toilet..then walks away, then I get a surprise when I go in. Maybe I should make a decree...:)
You crack me up.