Monday, July 21, 2008

the wiggles

are coming to raleigh at the end of august.
i'm considering going.
and letting rodney stay home with the kids.
i mean, seriously. have you seen ANTHONY!?
just in case you've been living under a rock, on a planet where kids ages 0-5 do NOT reside, i'll show you. you can thank me later.

oh, and in case you were wondering. i am not one of the "desperate housewives" seen here. cross my wiggle-lovin' heart.


Wendi said...

Thank goodness my days of listening to "Fruit Salad" are over.

Are you sure it wasn't you being chastised in one of those on-line chat rooms?

I tease.

Go...order your tickets!

Stretch said...

Man these kids look just like their parents, what is up, Glad things are going good out in da woods.
"The Great Stretch"

Our Crazy Happy Family said...

I wish I had known! I had the code to get presale could have been right up front to harass him LOL!

Kinleigh said...

kinleigh loves the wiggles. you really taking your kids?

leah said...

wendi - you say "tickets" as if i need more than one. huh?!

stretch - how the heck are you dude!!! i need a blogspot to come see you and yours!!! :)

krissi - nu-uh!! i wish i had known that you wish you had known. then i wouldn't be sitting here in this predicament. ugh.

dianna - i really haven't decided for sure, but for me and the three boys it would be in the $130 range... at least...

i'm thinking not, but a girl can dream... :( i know it would be a blast though. if you end up going, enjoy the mess out of it for me, will ya!? :)

Strommer Family said...

Well I do thank you for that picture...because certainly the Wiggles have never crossed my mind as symbols so to say but he definitely looks better there!! Go see and have fun!!

Emily said...

I'm pickin' up what you're layin' down!

You crack me up!

Robbins said...

I have to say THANK YOU! Every time I read your blog I just laugh right out. Brett knows now that if I am reading blogs and start laughing most likely it is yours.:):) I love you! You remind me so much of Aunt Margarette.