Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seems the "blorthy" moments just keep coming

So much so, I have a little list drafted up of all the things I just CAN'T forget to type out and blog about, and it stands at 13 items right now. And this list just started earlier today! HA!

So, I'll start at the very beginning. Well, scratch that. I'll start at number 9. This one makes me laugh. This is from May 13th when Rodney was out of town for a few days in Virgina for business meetings. Thank goodness that doesn't happen much. That's a whole 'nother post. So, it was supper time and nothing was cookin' in this particular casa on Shady Willow Lane. Into the van, and up the street we went. Something different, this night. Not the normal McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, or Sonic.

I threw out some ideas to Jackson and Brady, and as I was getting on up the road, I remembered a conversation that I had had with Happi recently about some sort of new poppers or something at Burger King. A-HAH! That, we could do!

I pulled in. Then came the fun. Jackson had his reservations about BK, for some unknown reason. I declare, he's probably eaten there a good 8-10 times his whole life. I even assured him that the kid's meals had a good theme at the time. Something very boy-ish like Batman, or something. ;)

The following is going to be in caps on purpose. You know, as far as the internet savvy are concerned, all caps DOES mean yelling. Or at least stressing a point. ;)

He had this to say:

"I'M NOT EATING HERE! (*pause*)

AND THAT'S THAT! (*pause*)

(*by this point i am not only laughing and mocking him up in the driver's seat, but also hunting around for a pen and paper!)

AND THAT'S TRUE! (*pause*)

AND THAT'S FINAL! (*pause*)



The good news was, I had indeed written it down. And dated it. I should actually get him to sign that infamous little sheet of paper. One day it'll be worth the big bucks.

You are probably wondering where we ate that night...

Cici's Pizza.


Hil said...

I declare you have some of the funniest stories! With three boys I'm sure there's not a dull moment in the Steelman household!


Wendi said...

Just wait until they ALL have opinions...then it gets really FUN!

Emily Lauren said...

Fun times. Jackson has his own opinions Mom. :)
I love hearing stories about our kids. Thanks for sharing.

Strommer Family said...

You've got an articulate little boy there...whereas if my Dalin didn't like somewhere we were gonna eat he'd probably just scream like a pterodactyl which happens rather often around the house and hit something!! Very genteel boys around my house, indeed!!

Kristal said...

That totally made me LOL!! I'm totally loving this age, old enough for independence, but not *quite* old enough to understand it all, lol!!