Sunday, June 29, 2008

Electricity & Caffeine

I just found a note that I had jotted down weeks ago with another funny conversation...Jackson was trying to come inside from the hot outdoors, where he and Brady had been playing, of course... Too bad I needed a few minutes of no interruption (while Carter finished his nap) for cleaing the Living Room and Kitchen or something...

It went a little something like this:

Mommy: Stay outside and play!
Jackson: I wanna come inside!
Mommy: No. Your options are - pool, or you may sit on the couch with a book and stay quiet.
Jackson: Can I play on the internet?
Me: No. Your options are ...yadda yadda (of course I didn't really say yadda yadda. I'll teach him that in a few years.)
Jackson: Can I play the wii?
Me: No. I need you to either a... or b...

What's funny is - It reminded me then and there of the story Mama & Pa love to tell about Aly and how she LOVED drinking their drinks - And how she must've heard a certain excuse one too many times when she started demanding, "MAMA, I WANT TOO MUCH CAFFEINE! TOO MUCH CAFFEINE MAMA!!!"


Wendi said...

Oh Leah... another fabulous and funny story.
Why did I not listen and record the funny things my children did when they were younger?
I am having a hard time remembering.
Which shouldn't surprise me... I can't recall what I did yesterday.
Glad you have this documented.
I am off to use some electricity and drink too much caffeine!!!

Soxy Pirate said...


Susan Hancock said...

The funny part to me is while Aly was bouncing off the walls wanting "too much caffeine", my beautiful curly-headed blonde baby girl was sitting on the sofa- quietly playing with Barbie dolls and watching her sister run around the house like a bat out of h... usually with only one shoe on.

Joella and Emily would have been changing clothes for the umpteenth time- Joella would have beads around her neck, and Emily would be putting make-up on all of you!

I would have been on the 4th load of clothes by now on a Monday morning. But I definitely wasn't going anywhere because I didn't have a car!! Like they say on the commercials, "PRICELESS."

Love you, my calm- deliberate- methodical- loving- and wonderful little mama!! You make me smile.

Katie said...

oh me, i am tickled! A typical Hancock story!

Emily said...

You know... I did grow up to become a Mary Kay lady! All those make-overs sure did pay off! ;)

FYI - I only wear make-up on Sunday!

Hil said...

Although I'm not ready for Landon to grow up, I can't wait to have stories like this!! Also, thanks for the offer to stop in Rolesville. We may take you up on it sometime!!

nelsonjeneen said...

That is hilarious! I told Troy the conversation between you and Jackson, we both know that is something that Rodney would totally say when he was younger. We just laughed!

natals said...

oh so funny!

Kyle and Aly said...

I still want too much caffeine.