Monday, June 16, 2008

Nobody saw that, right?

Oh it was nothing.
Just about 13.26 pounds of watermelon splashed all over my kitchen floor. That's all. And if you DID see it, no your eyes were not deceiving you if it looked like it had previously been sliced and diced into cute-sie little 10 oz. cuts, perfect for the 312 times per day I crave watermelon this time of year.

I'm still eating it.
Out of the same bowl that happened to slip out of my hands only 6 minutes ago.
I dare you to tell me I shouldn't.


Emily Lauren said...

Oh no Leah! I would be so upset, yet you are so calm, cool, and collected! I WISH I had your patience and your calm demeanor.

Wendi said...

I did not see it!
I use the 10 second rule.
If the watermelon only touched the floor for less than 10 is definitely edible!
Eat away!
I love that you cut it into cute-sie bite size pieces.
They are my favorite!

Anna and Ryan said...

Nah, you're good...that dirt is just like a mineral boost, giving you a little extra of what you might not be getting in your regular (non-splatted) diet. By the way I just ate an ENTIRE cantaloupe. By myself. In one sitting. It was cut up into cute-sie bite size pieces, what can I say.

Susan Hancock said...

I can see it in my mind's eye, Lee!! Bless your heart... Pa read the tribute to him last night, and he had to read it in a couple of different spaces of time... he couldn't see!

I love you sweet Leah. I miss you, I want to come and just hang out for a couple of days... we'll figure it out.

Love to Rodney, Jackson, Brady and baby blue eyes too!

Katharine Eves said...

glad you were still able to enjoy it, the way you right is so great!

natals said...

that's funny. rock on for taking it in stride. Bet the floor was pretty sticky after that theater floors come to mind!