Friday, June 13, 2008

The Birthday Video I Promised

...And before you watch it...
Never. Ever. Ever underestimate the value of 1 good voice to carry the tune of "Happy Birthday to you." Dude. Now I know I'm no Celine, but can at least hold my own when it comes to pitch and such - FOR HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!

Problem is - I decided to hold back on the vocals because I knew I was holding the camera and I didn't want to hear only myself sing for this video. Anyhoo. My public service announcement for the night is - SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUDLY AND CARRY IT IF NO ONE ELSE IN THE ROOM IS.

Just wish I had listened to my own advice. lol.


Susan Hancock said...

Oh, I could just eat Brady up!!! That is so sweet, watching his little lips move as the song is being sung... just a top 10 moment!

We're off to the girls dance recital this afternoon! Check back later. Love you little mama. Love the new desktop look! Love the paisleys.

Love you the best!

Lindsay said...

I loved watching Brady's face as he looked around at everyone. He is such a little cutie. Watch out because in a few years he is going to be a heartbreaker!

Wendi said...

It was worth the wait!

Before you go offering sure you know who you are giving it to. No one should have to hear ME carry the tune. No one!

Hil said...

The look on his face is Priceless!!! So sweet!