Thursday, June 19, 2008

SYTYCD Predictions

Let's hope I do a little better this week... The problem is - I'm starting to feel attached to the dancers already, so hopefully, that won't get in the way of these guesses!

So again, like last week - my voting key is this:
"The ones with a 10 are they who I feel stand NO chance of being eliminated tonight. The 5ers are those who did "fine" in my book, so I wouldn't mind terribly if they got sent home or if they stayed. The ones with 1 are the ones I'm already ready to say buh-bye to."

Chelsea T(5) & Thayne(5) - Jazz - Mandy Moore.
Untouched - The Veronicas

Chelsie H(10) & Mark(10) - Argentine Tango - Alex DaSilvaMi
Confesion - Gotan Project

Jessica(5)& Will(10) - HipHop - Cicely & Olisa
Whatever U Like - Nicole Scherzinge

Kourtni(5) & Matt(10) - Foxtrot - Jean Marc Genereaux
A Foggy Day (In London Town) - Michael Buble

Courtney(5) & Gev(5) - Contemporary - Mandy Moore
Lost - Anouk

Katee(10) & Joshua(10) - Broadway - Tyce Diorio
All For The Best - Godspell (2001 Revival Broadway Cast)

Susie(1) & Marquis(5) - Salsa - Alex DaSilva
Aquanile - Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe

Kherington(10) & Twitch(10) - V. Waltz - Jean Marc Genereaux
New Day Has Come - Celine Dion

Comfort(1) & Chris(1) - Krump - Lil C
Come and Get Me - Timbaland feat 50 Cent & Tony Yayo

K, and I've got a few minutes to make a few observations...

GIRL! Were you really that surprised when you heard Alex DaSilva call you a street dancer?!!! Come on. I'm surprised (FLOORED, even) that you're in the top 20. You do absolutely NOTHING for me. Go home, already!!!!!

*~*~*~Courtney G.~*~*~*~ Settle down. And consider opening your mouth a little less when you talk. Please.

*~*~*~Katee~*~*~*~ It is a GOOD DARN THING you can dance as well as you can. I was a hata' when you did that little "I don't think I could come back next year" episode/thing/pout/whatever it was... But, you are now officially redeemed. Two good weeks in a row of dancing can work wonders regarding your place in my fragile heart. ;)

*~*~*~Mia M.*~*~*~*
Have you ever considered being a professional "make someone feel like poopy just for looking at you the wrong way?!" I don't like mean people. You are. How about judging the dance, and not JUST your philosophical reasoning behind how they are not a real person. Come on.

Anyhoo - If I had to guess, purely on performance last night (not what their solos may or may not do) ... The girl going home is: SUSIE!!!! (*PLEASE GOD!*) And the guy going home is: CHRIS. We shall see! I should consider voting... Having an opinion and all. ;)


Joella Hancock Morris said...

Very good observations - I think I am right there with you. I was thinking that next week we need to have a big chat session during the show so we can, well, chat, but I usually watch it a little late on DVR so that probably won't work. It was a fun thought. Anyway, I enjoyed your thoughts!

Susan Hancock said...

Leah, I told your father I thought it would be Susie and Chris before I read your blog... and I still think Chris should have gone instead of Marquise- what the judges called "tricks" I thought was just outa site dancing!! Come on judges...

You have great taste!

Wendi said...

Don't hate me because I am not a watcher.
I am a blogger.
Not a dancer.(Though I use to be)
I am enjoying your commentary immensely.
Thanks for keeping me
"in the know".

Emily said...

I'm totally with ya sistah!

Susie... glad she's gone.

Marquis... should have been Chris.

Mia Michels.... too sassy last night! Its like she thinks everyone has to be a tortured artist to be worthy of her praise! Gag...

That's my rant for the evening!

I love this show!

Chris and Molly said...

Hi! well I am not really commenting about this show cause I have no idea what's going on!! haha. that is so funny that you didn't know me and Chris got married! what a pleasant surprise! do you know or remember Chris? from the old days - I think he used to come out and play basket ball and go to insitute back in 'the day' - its funny back then i had no interest in him i thought he was too skinny! but after my mission he had beefed up and we met up in the raleigh singles activities, its kinda funny, we struck up a conversation cause we served in the exact same mission! (at different times) i loved your little comment about watermelons - sounds like you were having a hard time there - but i adore watermelon too!!!

Leah said...

Marquis should have definitely stayed after that solo. The judges can be so full of it at times, can they not!? Geepers!

Molly - Yes! I know Chris! It would be a stretch to say we have a history or anything - but yes - having grown up in the same stake - just one of those kinda things... I've just been outa that loop since living in the Raleigh stake for the last 7 1/2 years...

Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way as you about everything!! I can't stand that susie girl. She just wear yucky clothes and moves her hips a little and she gets through. Nigel must have a thing for her

Ashley said...

HI! I love your SYTYCD comments! I am really enjoying the season...but you're right...Susie was a MESS! Chris actually danced with me at ECU for a year...and he was NOT good! In fact, he was a hip-hop dancer there. Crazy!

I have to say...I love me some Mia Michaels...she's fierce in every way...though she does need to calm down sometimes!

I can't wait for tonight!~

Oh...and ps...Wendi you need to start watching...