Monday, June 9, 2008


in progress on this here blog.
please forgive the botch-up appearance.
maybe mr. computer geek will help me iron out the kinks later tonight.
oh me.

(truthfully, it's almost like i want it to be - however, the little yellowish-beigey stripe is not cooperating.)


Wendi said...

Sorry for my absence in Bloggyville. I have just been so busy running from one event to the next. I have missed it more than you know.
So what did you do different?
Did you expand the inside border?
Move the header over a bit?
What else?
I need some construction work done over at my site... know any good workers?

Leah said...

yeah, i basically stretched the inside box so that i could widen my sidebar information and text box area - but now my header is off center, and that coloring in the middle is all botched up. i'll get it straight directly. i hope. ;)

what are you hoping to change? your is perfecto!